Devotions: Day 122

I am the Sovereign All-Ruler over all things, over all creation…Sovereign over the heavens and all that’s in it, Sovereign over the Earth and all that’s on it, Sovereign over the spirit world and all that’s in it, Sovereign over everything that touches your life.

I exercise My Sovereignty perfectly over all things. I exercise My Sovereignty immediately, completely, and continually over all things; I am not a God Who is careless, complacent, or indifferent.

Nothing takes place on the face of this Earth, nothing takes place in the heavens above, nothing takes place in the spirit world, and nothing can touch your life, apart from My having either Personally caused it to happen, or My having specifically, consciously, and deliberately allowed it to happen. And all to accomplish My Own good purpose.

All that I do is necessarily the very best, very kindest, most loving thing that can possibly be. And although oftentimes you may not understand…yet, even so, you can trust in Me with an unwavering child-like trust. For I make all things work together for your good. [Triune God]

One thought on “Devotions: Day 122


    He watches over me as I sleep….
    He rises with me as I wake ….
    Though I may wander as a sheep does from his Shepard…. he guides my steps and chasens me.
    Whom shall I fear…for the LORD is my shepherd. I shall not want …. for any good thing.


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