Divine Healing

Prayer Moves the Hand of God

In June 2004, my mother lay on her hospital death bed…four sets of intravenous tubes, non-ambulatory, incontinent, in deep dementia. All of the doctors and nurses told us, “She is finished; just let her go.” She was 86. On June 17th, she was transferred to Hospice, where the Administrator asked me three times, in two days, to please select a funeral home.

One morning, five days later while I sat in a recliner in mother’s Hospice room, the Lord told me for the third time…in a voice that was as clear and unmistakable as two friends speaking together face to face, yet inaudible…“I am going to raise up your mother. And just so you know, I am going to show you a few things.” [That is a literal quote! It was not an audible voice, but a voice speaking within me that was just as clear as if it were audible!] Immediately thereafter over the next few days, she began to make remarkable progress! The Lord did indeed stretch out His hand to fully heal, restore, and deliver her…just as He said He would! Before 2004 had ended, mother and I began traveling throughout Florida on overnight sightseeing trips! [Read testimony on this website entitled “Divine Miracle.”]

My mother stands as a trophy of the Lord, a living witness to His Great Name and Mighty Power…through her miraculous healing and the many miraculous events that took place over those following 9½ years of her life. He healed her of trigeminal neuralgia that had caused such intense pain and had so completely debilitated her. He restored her mind to normal and restored her continence. He delivered her from disabling physical weakness, renewing her strength and enabling her to walk again, unassisted. She did not use a cane or a walker; just five weeks before her death on December 6th, 2013 at the age of 95, she walked the staircase to her second floor condominium!

I was with my mother for those 9½ years; I saw the Lord’s miraculous Power with my own eyes. He did not raise her up just to give her 9½ more years of life here on Earth. He raised her up for His Own purposes…consecrated unto Him as an instrument of His Righteousness, a vessel for His honor. At first, I thought the Lord’s purpose was for me to minister to her…to care for her, and enable her to live out her life in peace and comfort in her own home. It took several years before I realized that He was using her to minister to me…spiritually! He used her to teach me, patiently and painstakingly over all those years, how to truly love! I am eternally grateful for all the Lord taught me through her, and give her all the honor and respect due her as my mother as well.

The work the Lord had prepared mother for in ministering to me was brought to completion in those last 78 hours of her life. As she lay hopelessly helpless on her bed, utterly unable to satisfy the intense thirst of her parched mouth and throat, all she could do was open her mouth and utter a muted sound in a plea for cold water. For those last 78 hours, the Lord had given me the priceless privilege of inclining my ear toward her, unceasingly day and night, listening for her voice. Whenever she opened her mouth in intense thirst, it was my privilege to be there with cold water and a mouth sponge to satisfy her thirst, until she was fully satisfied. That was the sole purpose for my existence during those last 78 hours of her life…to hear mother’s cry and satisfy her thirst. I am grateful for how the Lord used her to teach someone so deficient in love as I to experience what “agape” love really is…by personally engaging in it! This was the spiritual purpose for which the Lord had raised her up; and when mother’s work on this Earth was finished, the death of her body brought her to be together with Christ Jesus our Lord in Heaven for all eternity! “My sheep listen to My voice; I know them, and they follow Me. I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one can snatch them out of My hand” [John 10:27-28].

Abba Father…I have gazed attentively into the Sanctuary, and I have beheld Your Power and Your Glory! With my own eyes, I have seen Your Glory!…and in the presence of the congregation, I will proclaim Your Great Name and Your Mighty Power according to all that my eyes have seen! Following is a link to a video presentation of my testimonies of those 9 1/2 years of miraculous events given at my mother’s Memorial Service on January 25, 2014…testimonies of how obedience to the leading of the Holy Spirit brings the blessings of God; testimonies of how prayer in accordance with the will of God moves the Hand of God. You will be greatly blessed: http://tinyurl.com/y9opt394 [please note: the Church and the Denomination identified at the beginning of this video are Apostate and no longer belong to Christ. I have since confronted Leadership with their apostasy, and am no longer associated with them].

I don’t know whether in the depths of your heart you really believe there is a God in Heaven or not, but this I do know…my mother was on her death-bed, and then she was miraculously alive and well! [Read John 9:1-38] The accuser of God’s children, who accuses us before our God day and night, has been hurled down. We have overcome him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of our testimony, and by the fact that we do not love our life so much as to shrink back from death…neither death to self, nor physical death if that should become necessary [Rev 12:10-11].  I proclaim to you Christ Jesus…the One Who existed from the beginning, from Eternity Past, Whom I have heard with the ears of my own inner being, and have seen with my own spiritual eyes. I have gazed upon Him and have spiritually touched Him with my own hands. He is the Word of Life. His Life is continually being revealed to me; I have seen it and testify to it, and I proclaim to you that He is the One Who is Eternal Life. He always existed with the Father, and is now continually being manifested afresh and anew to me. I proclaim to you what I have personally seen and heard in the depths of my soul, so that you also may enjoy this same fellowship together with us. The fellowship I continually enjoy is with the Father and with His Son, Christ Jesus. I am writing these things so that you also may fully share together with me in this fullness of joy. [1 John 1:1-4]. It is our birth-right as a child of the Most High God!

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