Relationship with God…deep, intimate, intensely personal…is Man’s missing crown of glory.  Worship…in Spirit and in Truth…is the missing jewel in Christ’s Royal Diadem.  These two foundational principles, the very underlying purposes for God’s creation of Humankind, are missing…both in the lives of individual souls and in the life of the Church.

In our present times, the lives of the vast majority of Christians characterize anything and everything but a living union of oneness with God.  There is no concept of Divine marriage, no concept of Sacred Covenant relationship.  Christ Jesus poured out His Own Precious blood in payment of the price for our redemption, to purchase souls for God from every Tribe and Tongue and People and Nation.  The Father Himself did not spare His Own Son, but gave Him up for us all.  Yet we, for our part, are taught to put a few small coins in God’s gumball machine, turn the knob, and out comes our eternal salvation!  We take our prize home, tuck it safely away in a drawer to remind us every now and again that we have fulfilled our goal, and proceed to get on with the enjoyment of our life in this world.  And yes…we, of course, honor God with some tokens of our time, scheduling Him into our otherwise busy worldly lifestyle.  Like school children dutifully going about doing their homework even though all the while their hearts are outside playing, even so we dutifully render to God whatever minimal time is necessary to appease our conscience and satisfy our sense of duty.  Divine marriage?  Shallow!  Sacred Covenant relationship?  Superficial!  Jesus…our crown of glory?  It is missing!  God’s Love…so amazing, so Divine that it demands my soul, my life, my ALL?  There is only a small remnant of such souls as these.  God enable us by the Power of His Indwelling Holy Spirit to fully embrace His purposes and thereby be counted part of that remnant!

Lamentably, worship is the missing jewel in Christ’s Royal Diadem…both in the vast majority of His churches and in the lives of those who call themselves by His name.  Sunday “worship services” at most churches are merely humanly formatted programs and rigid orders of service that exclude the reigning Presence of the Holy Spirit, rather than inviting and welcoming His Sovereign rule and authority.  Several programmed worship songs are offered to God as part of the ritual, but there is no worship in Spirit and in Truth.  Casual observation clearly reveals that the heart’s of the people are not in the songs they are singing.  There is no awareness that they are at the Throne of Grace, standing in the Presence of God, face to face before Him.

In stark contrast, if one walked into a rock concert, you would experience true worshipers…young people pouring out their heart’s, singing from the very depths of their being, hands raised in adoration and praise, hearts filled with ardent longing for just a look, just a touch!  Sadly, their worship is misdirected to an idol rather than to the One True Living God, to the creature rather than to the Creator.

Jesus explained to the Samaritan woman at the well, “The time is coming, and is already here, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in Spirit and Truth; for such people the Father seeks to be His worshipers.” [John 4:23].  True worshipers such as the Father seeks will worship Him in Spirit and Truth.  There is only a small remnant of souls who long to live faithfully in that Sacred Covenant relationship with God for which purpose we were created, who seek to become the true worshipers that please the Father, who desire to be the mirror of the Almighty we were called to be.  May the Spirit of the Living God work in us both to will and to do by the Power of His enabling grace to become a part of that remnant!

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