Day 59

The world has become such a cold, unforgiving place. There is so much anger and very little love. Deep in the hearts of so many people there is an emptiness that neither the people of this world, nor the things this world has to offer, can fill. And that emptiness makes it impossible for you to love.
Do you not know? Haven’t you ever heard? Have you never understood? I have loved you with an Everlasting Love; I died for you. I have reached out My nail-pierced hands compassionately toward you as you lay hopelessly in the gutter of sin and despair, wallowing in this world’s muck and mire, and with pleading eyes invite you, saying, “Child, come with Me. Abide with Me and abide with My Father. I have prepared a place for you in My Father’s house, and I have prepared the way for you.”
My love is real, and if you would only just open your heart to it, I will fill that emptiness in your soul. The love of God will be shed abroad in your heart, and you will be filled to overflowing with all the fullness of God. Never again will you hunger; never again will you thirst! Your soul shall be forever satisfied, as with the richest of foods! You will feast on the abundance of My house; I will give you drink from My River of delights! [Christ Jesus]

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