The foundational principles of Human life were ordained in Creation by God through His Divine institutions of marriage, family, and gender.  We wholeheartedly embrace the truth set forth in Scripture that God created Man and then formed Woman, taken out of Man, to be a suitable partner for him.  God created Humankind male and female; for this reason a man shall depart from his parents’ household and form a new family unit in union with his wife, joined inseparably together with her in marriage and open to the gift of children.  Children are a precious gift given to us from God, created in His Own image and likeness, and fashioned after our own image and likeness.  The fruit of the womb is His gracious heritage!  How blessed we are as parents whose household is filled with them! [Gen 1: 27-28; 2:22-24; Ps 127:3-5.]


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  1. Thank you for all you do to bring glory to our Lord. To give us all tools to use in being a witness for his names sake.


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