Session 5

Following are the questions that have been presented for photographs #38 through #42 of the Children’s Creational When God Created The Heavens and The Earth. You will find the entire book in the gallery section of the website, on the right side as you scroll down.

You only have to register once to participate in all five sessions. If you have already registered in Session One, you do not need to do so again. If you have not yet registered, then go to Session One and follow the directions to register.

Write your answers to questions A through G, and the names and age(s) of your participating child(ren), in the “Leave a Reply” space at the end of this article.  I would suggest doing this in your word processing program, and then copy & paste here on the website.

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The entire text for photographs #38 through #42 is also posted following the questions below, for your convenience.


A] What did God give to His children for food?

B] What did God give to all His other living creatures for food?

C] Name all the things God created.  On what day did He create them?

D] How did God feel about all the things He had created?

E] When was it the end of the sixth day and the beginning of a new day?

F] How many days did God use to create the heavens and everything in it, and the Earth and everything on it?

G] How did God bless the seventh day?

Names and age(s) of your participating child(ren):



Day Six: Photos #38-41

38]  Then God said to His children, “Look at all the wonderful vegetation I have commanded the Earth to grow! I now give to you all the plants that grow grain for you to eat, and all kinds of trees that grow delicious fruit. Their grains and their fruits will be all yours for food.”

39]  Then God said to all of His other living creatures, “I give every green plant that has leaves and grows, and all the green grass, as food for every wild animal and every bird in the sky. It will be food for every small animal and living creature that moves on the land.” And so all the wonderful vegetation God had commanded the Earth to grow became food, some for human beings and some for all other living beings, just as He commanded!

40]  God looked at everything He had made. Daytime and nighttime. The sky, with the sun, moon, and stars. Land and mountains. Oceans and seas. Beautiful plants, flowers, trees, and green things that have leaves and grow. Fish swimming in the oceans and seas. Birds flying in the sky. Animals walking and crawling on the land. And best of all, His Own children, just like Himself! Yes, God created human beings to be sons and daughters in His Own Family! God was VERY pleased with all He had done!

41]  The light of daytime was soon over, and then came the darkness of nighttime. Soon nighttime was over and the morning light appeared. That was the end of the sixth day, and the beginning of a new day…the seventh day.

Day Seven: Photo #42

42]  By the seventh day God’s work of making the Earth and everything that is on it was finished. He had finished making the heavens and everything that is in it. God blessed the seventh day and made it a holy day, because on that day He rested from all the work He had done in creating the World.

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