Beloved Christian parents…

WHEN GOD CREATED THE HEAVENS and THE EARTH is the account of God’s creation, written for young children preschool through 5th grade. It is based on Genesis Chapter One, and presented in an interesting child-friendly story format they can easily understand. A reading level of the text comfortable for children enables young readers to begin reading and enjoying it for themselves. The book is comprised of 42 beautiful color photographs [see photo gallery on website], each one portraying the majesty and glory of God’s breathtaking creation handiwork…the manifest expression of His Eternal Power and Divine nature! The story unfolds with the text inscribed on photo after photo, each thought taken sequentially from the Biblical account presented in Genesis. It is delicately amplified to present clearly to a child’s understanding God’s purposes in creation, and especially His purposes in creating Human life.

God created Humankind for Himself, Divinely crafted with the capability and capacity to be joined together with Him in a Sacred Covenant relationship. The foundational principles of Human life were set forth in Creation by God through His Divine institutions of marriage, family, and God-ordained physical gender at birth. We wholeheartedly embrace the truth set forth in Scripture that God created Man and then formed Woman, taken out of Man, to be a suitable partner for him. God created Humankind male and female; for this reason a man shall depart from his parents’ household and form a new family unit in union with his wife, joined inseparably together with her in marriage and open to the gift of children. Children are a precious gift given to us from God, created in His Own image and likeness, and fashioned after our own image and likeness. The fruit of the womb is His gracious heritage! How blessed we are as parents whose household is filled with them!

June 26, 2015 marks that infamous day when our once great Christian Nation officially became Post-Christian America. Our Nation’s Supreme Court acted with brazen presumption to overrule the Supreme Being by redefining marriage, in their self- proclaimed “supreme authority” on what constitutes marriage and the family, to include same-sex couples. This unconstitutional decision has provided the framework for…and has legitimized what long before had already been set in motion…a relentless LGBT agenda purposing the ultimate destruction of the fundamental character of both marriage and the family unit, and of sexual orientation determined by a person’s God-ordained physical gender at birth.

Children in our Public School system are being indoctrinated with an LGBT curriculum, brainwashed with the idea that their sexual orientation was not determined by their God-given physical gender at birth, even being taught that there is no such thing as a “boy” or a “girl”…that gender is fluid and continually changing, and that there are “gender identities” other than male and female. Of the many events reported upon and written about during the past months, one recent event has particularly riveted my attention and stands as a poster child of what is happening to our children: “A primary school in Maine teaches 5 year old’s about transgenderism.” This was done without parents being given any prior knowledge about it, and represents a blatant and unconscionable violation of a parent’s rights concerning their children. As one parent stated, “I feel like my thoughts and beliefs were completely ignored. My right as a parent to allow or not allow this discussion with my child was taken from me.” A later article recounted a parent’s heartbreaking sense of the harm done to her 5 year old boy, who came home confused and troubled from that utterly inappropriate lesson and asked his mother, “What am I, Mom; am I a boy or a girl?” My heart was broken just hearing about it! The appalling truth is that our children throughout the entire Public School system Nationwide are being taught what God has labeled spiritually abhorrent concepts and behavior…and, as you well know, parents are not being informed about it. They have been deliberately kept in the dark about this LGBT curriculum being forced upon their children. Their parental rights have literally been stolen from them…without their even being aware of it!

I also sense the need as a watchman [Ezek 33:6.] to especially warn Christian parents and grandparents of society’s determined agenda as well to brainwash our children with these morally and spiritually abhorrent concepts and behavior…through television programming and advertisements, film industry, magazines and books, Internet, and children’s social groups that welcome adult leaders openly and unashamedly living a lifestyle that God calls an abomination.

Since a parent cannot completely insulate their children from the evil that is all around us, it brings to the forefront the urgent need, for both parents and the Church, to diligently and thoroughly teach our children who they are in their God-ordained sexual orientation determined by their God-given physical gender at birth; the wonderful plans God has for them in their created physical gender, but not outside of it; what God teaches about human sexuality; how to recognize our society’s godless LGBT teaching and agenda; how to withstand LGBT peer and adult bullies; and how to stand as witnesses for Christ against their agenda. In other words, our children need to be trained as Warriors for Christ who will boldly stand up for His truth…and not be just passive resisters. For the sake of our children…we must stand steadfast and immovable with Christ in our determined resolve: We will not allow our children to be morally and spiritually abused [please read Family Pledge on this website].

When God Created The Heavens and The Earth provides the foundation our children need for the formation of Biblical moral and spiritual values in their young lives. We can no longer remain careless, complacent, and indifferent toward the significance of the present and relentlessly escalating evil shredding the moral fabric of our society. There is an urgency here! If we lose this generation, we will have lost it all for all future generations!

May the Eternal Lord bless you and keep you in His watchful care; may the Lord make His face shine upon you and pour out His loving-kindness and mercy upon you; may the Lord look upon you with favor and give you peace and a tranquil heart.

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