Dear brother/sister in Christ…

I have just published a book [Xulon Press] entitled When God Created The Heavens and The Earth. Written for young children preschool through 5th grade, it is probably the only Biblical account of Creation on the face of the Earth delicately amplified to clearly present to a child’s understanding God’s purpose in creation, and especially His foundational purposes in creating Human life for marriage, family, and gender. The book is comprised of 42 beautiful high quality 8X10 color photographs, each one portraying the majesty and glory of God’s breathtaking creation handiwork. The story unfolds with the text inscribed on photo after photo in an interesting child-friendly story format they can easily understand, each thought taken sequentially from Genesis Chapter One. A reading level of the text comfortable for children enables young readers to begin reading and enjoying it for themselves.

Here is a link to the Xulon Bookstore page, which also has a very nice video trailer presentation of my “Children’s Creational” [let me know what you think]. You can also view the entire book in the photo gallery on this Website.

If you, or any of your friends, are interested in this beautiful children’s book for your family members, friends, church members, church Sunday School programs, preschool programs, social groups, or just as gifts and blessings…I have really nice copies of the Children’s Creational available @ $6.00 per book [published copy retails at $12.99 each] in quantities of 40 books or more [unlimited].  Shipping is free.

Here is my contact information if you are interested:

Please feel free to share this offer, and Website, with your social media friends and contacts.

Lord bless,

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