July 31

My beloved child, your accuser…Satan, the Devil…who accuses you before God day and night, has been hurled down.  You have overcome him by the Blood of the Lamb…My Divine Son Jesus…and by the word of your testimony; you have not loved your life so much as to shrink back from death…neither death to sin and death to self, nor physical death if it should be required of you in order to stand steadfast and immovable with Christ My Son. [Father God…Rev 12:10-11]

Brothers and sisters in Christ…all born-again children of the Most High God have overcome Satan, first of all, by the Blood of the Lamb, and then also by the word of our personal testimonies of God’s intervention for our good in our lives.  But only those who have wholly surrendered their self-life and self-will to God, and live daily with a pure heart in a deep and intimate personal relationship with Him, will be granted the privilege of seeing the manifest Presence of God in their life.  I want to share with you my following testimony…and there are many more on my website you can read if you like: https://preservechristianfamily.org/category/testimonies/

On that winter evening in the ghetto, they intended to kill me…but God, in His Sovereignty, overrode the evil desire of their heart and intervened on my behalf to stay the hand of death.

During that period of time in 1985, I was a youth leader for kids 5-12 years old at a Baptist church in the inner city of Brooklyn.  One of the boys…Josúe, a nine year old… lived in the ghetto about a twenty minute subway ride from the church.  Every Sunday morning I would go to his mother’s apartment to pick him up and bring him to the church for the day.  After the evening service, I would bring him back home to his apartment.  Like clock-work.  That was the problem.  I grew up in the suburbs of Long Island, and was really naive about the inner city.  It never occurred to me that a white man just doesn’t walk in and out of a ghetto on a routine, easily trackable basis… especially wearing a white ski jacket…like a neon sign!

On this one February Sunday winter evening, Josúe and I got off at his subway station and proceeded to walk…as we had been routinely doing for a number of months…the one long block straight ahead, and then go right at his street to the four story apartment building at the end of the block, on the corner, where he lived.  When we were about halfway along his street, out of the clear blue I was strongly impressed by the Holy Spirit to “just stop and turn around.”  When I did, I saw two black youths walking about ten feet behind us.  I watched them as they walked by…kind of “whistling”, hands in pocket…and watched as they turned the corner where Josúe’s apartment building was, and out of sight.  At the time, I thought everything was just fine; later, I realized that my abrupt turn-around had caught them by surprise, which was the reason why they just walked on by.  As was the routine, Josúe called up to his mother, and she opened the window of her 4th floor apartment and threw down the key to the entrance door.  We opened the door and entered a small foyer, and began walking up a staircase of about fifteen steps toward the first landing.  About two thirds the way up, it occurred to me, “Hmmm, I didn’t hear the door close“…which normally it would do, and then lock behind us.  When I stopped and turned to see whether it had closed…there were the two black youths in the foyer!  They had gotten to the door before it closed, and were going to wait for me behind the stairwell to come back down after dropping off the boy.  When I had abruptly turned around on the staircase, the one youth immediately pointed a handgun up toward my head and shouted, “Freeze!”

Everything that happened after that can only be measured in split seconds.  No one can really know in advance of a sudden life-threatening situation like that how they will respond.  Afterwards, the police officer told me that if I did freeze in obedience to his command, I would be dead…they would have robbed and killed me as they intended. The thought the Holy Spirit at that moment put in my mind was an indignant, “You have some nerve!”  It was that thought given by the Lord which would save my life.  I spun around and in one sweeping motion took hold of Josúe to begin a mad dash up the stairs! The youth with the handgun fired off two shots.  I had no fear; my only thought as I began frantically pushing along, half carrying, an hysterically crying child was to get him up those flights of stairs at all-out breakneck speed to his mother’s 4th floor apartment! She had opened the door for us as I literally dove head-first into the apartment with Josúe tucked under my arm…his mother slamming the door shut and locking it behind us!

The police recovered the two slugs as evidence from the landing wall in back of where they had shot at me, and the detective told me I was very lucky.  He said they could have gotten me outside when they had first walked on by me; they could have waited outside for me to leave the building after dropping off the boy; they could have gotten inside the building without my having noticed it as I did, and waited for me to come back down the stairs; if I did freeze in fear at their command, it was sure death… a white man in their ghetto.  Being shot at…and missed…was the only way out of that situation!  Lucky?  To an unbeliever, yes.  For me, no; I knew full well that the Lord was my shield and protector, watching over me, protecting me, and keeping me safe!  Where it not for Him, my body would be in the grave right now.  But He knows the plans He has for me…plans to prosper me and not to harm me, plans to give me a hope and a future. [Jer 29:11]  And no one can thwart His plans, hinder His purposes, or override His will!  The Lord is Sovereign All-Ruler over all Creation, and no one nor anything can touch the life of one of His children apart from His allowing it to do so!

I don’t know whether in the depths of your heart you really believe there is a God in Heaven Who jealously protects His children or not, but this I do know…I was as good as dead in that situation, until the Lord intervened on my behalf and would not permit it; He stayed the hand of death! [Read John 9:1-38]  I proclaim to you Christ Jesus… the One Who existed from the beginning, from Eternity Past, Whom I have heard with the ears of my own inner being, and have seen with my own spiritual eyes.  I have gazed upon Him and have spiritually touched Him with my own hands.  He is the Word of Life.  His Life is continually being revealed to me; I have seen it and testify to it, and I proclaim to you that He is the One Who is Eternal Life.  He always existed with the Father, and is now continually being manifested afresh and anew to me.  I proclaim to you what I have personally seen and heard in the depths of my soul, so that you also may enjoy this same fellowship together with us.  The fellowship I continually enjoy is with the Father and with His Son, Christ Jesus.  I am writing these things so that you also may fully share together with me in this fullness of joy. [1 John 1:1-4].  It is our birth-right as a child of the Most High God!  Hallelujah!

A Mighty Fortress is our God:

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