August 10

My beloved child…Although you have no power to keep your everyday life free from sin, you are responsible for sin in your everyday life.  How can that be?  Because…you are responsible to actively cooperate with the power of My enabling grace, exercised in you through My indwelling Holy Spirit, Who works in you both the desire and the power to overcome sin. [Father God…Ezek 36:26-28]

**        **, in the power of your sin-enslaved human nature, you are hopelessly powerless, hopelessly impotent, hopelessly helpless to stand against temptations and sins…or to free yourself from these sins.  The overriding characteristic of your sin-enslaved human nature is that it is enslaved by sin.  Your human nature is held captive by sin…a prisoner of sin, in bondage to sin; why would you ever think that in reliance upon your human capabilities and capacities, by your own efforts and strength, you can free yourself from sin?  If you were able to do so, then you would not be a prisoner…you could free yourself and walk away from sin.  But that is obviously not the case…your sin-enslaved human nature has no power to do so.

Child of God!  In the Power of the Divine nature of My Holy Spirit, given as My eternal gift to dwell in you…never to leave you, never to forsake you…you can do all things through Christ Jesus My Son, Who strengthens you.  His Divine Power has given you everything you need for life and godliness through the knowledge of Christ Jesus, the One Who called you by His Own Glory and Goodness.  Through these, My Divine Son Jesus has given you His Own very great and precious promises, so that through them you may participate in the Divine nature now dwelling within you, and thereby escape the corruption in the world caused by evil desires. [2 Pet 1:3-4]

Precious child!  You are born of God; a child of the Most High God!  You have the eagles wings!  You may not have fully known it; you may not have yet used them; but I, your God and Father, can and will indeed teach you to use them.  I will stir up your nest.  I will disappoint your hopes.  I will bring down your confidence.  I will make you fear and tremble; as all your strength fails, you will feel utterly weary and helpless.  And yet, even so, all the while I am spreading My strong wings for you to rest your weakness on, and offering My Everlasting Creator-Strength to work in you.  And all I ask, beloved child, is that you sink down in your weariness and wait upon Me; and allow Me in My Jehovah-Strength to carry you as you ride upon the wings of My Omnipotence.  You need only lift up your eyes, and behold your God!  You need only listen to Me Who assures you that I never grow tired or weary, Who promises that you too shall not faint nor be weary, Who asks nothing but this one thing…that you should wait solely and only upon Me!  Oh beloved child, with such a Father…so mighty, so faithful, so tender…why would you not set your heart to continually wait only upon your Father and your God?!

Abba Father…Your Blessed Holy Spirit is everything to me!  He is the One Who Personally lives out the life of Christ Jesus Your Son in me…a life of obedience and suffering, self-sacrifice and self-denial, as I give Him free reign to do so.  And He is the One Who Personally works out the death of Jesus in me, conforming me ever more deeply into the likeness of His death…death to sin and death to self…in order that I may thereby attain, more and more, to the Power of His resurrection life out from the dead…the power to walk through each and every day as more than a conqueror and with overwhelming victory!

Blessed Holy Spirit…You are the Power of my life!  The Sovereign Lord is my strength! You make my feet like hinds feet; You give me strength and courage to walk along my high places…places of trouble, and hardship, and responsibility!  In Your Power, I can say to that mountain, “Who are you, O mighty impassable mountain of human obstacles!  You shall become a level plain, a mere mole hill!  Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea!  Who are you, O great impenetrable wall of human obstacles!  You shall become a garden border, a mere stepping stool!  Spirit of the Living God…in Your Power, I can climb a mountain, I can scale a wall; my hands can bend a bow of bronze!  I can do all things given me to do through Christ Jesus, Who strengthens me! [Zec 4:7; Mt 21:21; Ps 18:31-36]  Hallelujah!

Fill my cup, Lord:


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