August 14

So then, My beloved child…if you consciously set your heart to participate in the work of My Holy Spirit in your life, and deliberately look to cooperate with the Power of His enabling grace at work in you…thereby walking in the Spirit…He will then be the Power restraining you from gratifying the desires of your flesh. [Father God…Gal 5:16; Rom 8:12-14]

Beloved…that is why I made a New Covenant agreement with Mankind, and gave My Holy Spirit to dwell in you, to be the Power Who enables you to grow up into full spiritual maturity.  It is His work, not yours.  He Personally lives out the life of My Divine Son Jesus in you…Who is your Wisdom from God, as well as your Righteousness, your Sanctification, and your Redemption.  I put in you a new heart and a new spirit; I removed your stubborn heart of stone and replaced it with a tender, obedient heart.  And I put in you My Spirit, empowering you to obey My laws and live by My decrees.  This is My covenant with you: “My Spirit, and these words I have given you, will never depart from you!” [Ezek 11:19-20; Isa 59:21]

It is Finished! The Holy Spirit was given as My Eternal gift to dwell in you…never to leave you, never to forsake you.  Embrace the life of My Divine Son Jesus that the Holy Spirit is Personally living out in you…a life of obedience and suffering, self-sacrifice and self-denial…giving Him free reign to do so.  Embrace the death of My Divine Son Jesus that the Holy Spirit is Personally working out in you, conforming you ever more deeply into the likeness of His death…death to sin and death to self…in order that you may thereby attain, more and more, to the power of the resurrection life of Christ Jesus My Son out from the dead.

Beloved…this is what it means to live your everyday life faithfully within the Holy of Holies: entrust your life and your everyday manner of living continually and unceasingly throughout each day entirely into My hands.  I assure you…I will lead you and guide you by My Holy Spirit!  Trust in Me with an unwavering child-like trust that…
My indwelling Holy Spirit will indeed Be All in you and Do All in you…will indeed place you where you are to be, lead you where you are to go, show you what you are to do to participate in His work, give you the thoughts to think and present, the words to speak or write.
In My will for your life and in the work I have given you to do…in the ministries I have given to you and their responsibilities…My indwelling Spirit will indeed enable you to fulfill your responsibilities in accordance with My plans, purposes, and will, and in a manner that is well-pleasing in My sight.
In every circumstance, event, and thing that is currently touching your life, and in all that I will yet allow to touch your life, My Spirit will indeed lead you and guide you, showing you how to respond and when.
In all things I allow to touch your life, My indwelling Spirit will indeed intervene in those affairs to Personally do whatever is beyond your human capabilities and capacities to do, in accordance with My Own plans, purposes, and will.
In all things I allow to touch your life, My indwelling Spirit will indeed Personally cause…or specifically, consciously, and deliberately allow…results, outcomes, and conclusions according to My Own good purpose, in accordance with My Own plans, purposes, and will.
The results, outcomes, and conclusions I bring about will indeed be the very best, very kindest, most loving thing that can possibly be…and that I make all things work together for your good.
Therefore, My beloved child, it should not matter to you what these results, outcomes, and conclusions are, since that is for Me to consider and not for you.  All that really matters is that you cooperate with My enabling grace to keep your heart lovingly and joyfully joined with My will.

Abba Father…I trust in You with an unwavering child-like trust; that is the all-prevailing attitude of my heart!  Child-like trust is the framework out of which everything in my life is determined…every action I take, every response to the things that touch my life, every word I speak, and every thought I think and present.  No matter what circumstance, event, or thing that takes place to touch my life, it passes through this all-prevailing, all-pervading, atmosphere of unwavering child-like trust in You, Father, and does not disturb my unruffled child-like rest!  It simply prompts me to turn to Your Holy Spirit in an unreserved child-like dependence for His direction as to how I am to respond.  Though storms in my life may be raging…a fierce tempest whipping the waves into a tumultuous, churning turmoil…beneath the surface, in the depths of God, my heart is peaceful and calm, my soul is tranquil and unruffled!

Oh, The Glory of Your Presence:

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