August 30


Child of the Most High God…I am the Sovereign All-Ruler over all things, over all creation…Sovereign over the heavens and all that’s in it, Sovereign over the Earth and all that’s on it, Sovereign over the spirit world and all that’s in it, Sovereign over everything that touches your life.

I exercise My Sovereignty perfectly over all things.  I exercise My Sovereignty immediately, completely, and continually over all things; I am not a God Who is careless, complacent, or indifferent.

Nothing takes place on the face of this Earth, nothing takes place in the heavens above, nothing takes place in the spirit world, and nothing can touch your life, apart from My having either Personally caused it to happen, or My having specifically, consciously, and deliberately allowed it to happen.  And all to accomplish My Own good purpose.

All that I do is necessarily the very best, very kindest, most loving thing that can possibly be.  And although oftentimes you may not understand…yet, even so, you can trust in Me with an unwavering child-like trust.  For I make all things work together for your good. [Triune God]

Brothers and sisters in Christ…

Our next theme, Rivers of Living Water, is a 61 Day Daily Devotional, the third in a series of Daily Devotionals that will ultimately encompass a full year.  It is not my work; it is the work of the Holy Spirit.  As such, all the glory belongs to Him.  He is the Master Who simply used me as His paint brush to create a beautiful landscape, with vibrant colors and intricate detail.  It is meant to reflect the deep and intimate Personal relationship that God desires with each of His created souls.  It is God our Father speaking Personally and intimately to you, His beloved child, and your response personally and intimately to Him.

Beloved…when God adopts you into His Family…at that moment in time when you earnestly made a solemn vow before God in giving yourself to be the spiritual bride of Christ in divine marriage []…He becomes in every respect truly your Father; you become in every respect truly His child!  He assures me, “You are the apple of My eye; I take great pleasure in you!  I rejoice over you with singing; you are well-pleasing in My sight!  My heart delights in you, and I long to fill you with all the fullness of God.”

Our Father is a perfect parent.  He reassures me of His unconditional, unfailing love, promising never to leave me, never to forsake me.  He comforts me in my times of need; I can trust my Father implicitly and absolutely, always safe and secure in His everlasting arms, continually at rest in Him with an unruffled child-like rest.  He is always available for me when I call on Him.  I never need hesitate to cry out boldly to my Father; He is always accessible to His children!  He is never too preoccupied to listen to what I am saying, never disregards my feelings or my sense of need, always answers me!  He is my shield and protector, carefully watching over me, keeping me safe, even from hurting my own self!  I never need be anxious about anything, as I realize this, that my Father is Sovereign over all things and, more than that, exercises His Sovereignty perfectly over everything that would touch my life!  He thinks about me day and night, even though I may not be thinking about Him.  He generously meets my every need, every want, every desire, according to His Own perfect plan for my life!  He is interested in all that I do, always a source of encouragement to me. He is skillful in teaching and training His child, wise in guiding and counseling me, purposeful in correcting, chastising, and disciplining me.  As a child in God’s Family, we have a promised inheritance, a share in the glory of Christ, that is a guaranteed certainty!  My Father’s wealth is immeasurable, and I am a co-heir with Christ in inheriting His entire estate!  More than that, there is absolute stability and security in God’s Family.  God my Father is entirely wise and good, and my position as a child in His Family is permanently assured…I would never be disinherited, even under extreme provocation!  Our Family relationship is an abiding one, lasting forever.  Perfect parents do not cast off their children, nor do they propose to throw their children out of the family unless they behave.  God our Father goes out of His way to make His children feel His all-embracing love, and to know our privilege and security as a member of His precious Family!  He is an intimately close and affectionate Father, friend and companion!  Hallelujah!

The thoughts that are presented in this devotional over the following 61 days are based on God’s message throughout His Holy Word, and are referenced to various underlying Scriptures.  Wherever Bible verses are used, the wording is not taken from any one translation; they are a composite of wording woven together from multiple translations.

May the Eternal Lord bless you and keep you in His watchful care; may the Lord make His face shine upon you and pour out His loving-kindness and mercy upon you; may the Lord look upon you with favor and give you peace and a tranquil heart!

Our God is an Awesome God:

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