September 19

My beloved child…in the Garden that night, Christ My Son was filled with terror and shuddering awe, “My soul is crushed with anguish and dread to the point of death.” He asked, “Abba, Father, everything is possible for You.  If it is possible, within the framework of Your plans, Your purposes, Your will, may this cup of suffering be taken from Me.” [Father God…Mark 14:34-36]

Abba Father…with You, all things are possible.  You do what You will with the powers of Heaven and Earth.  You call the things that are not just as though they are.  You merely speak, and it is done.  The very words You speak carry within themselves the power to effect what You have spoken…immediately, completely, continually.  The mountains quake before You, and the hills melt away.  The very mountains melt like wax in Your Presence.  The Earth trembles at You Presence…the world, and all who live in it.  Heaven and Earth flee from the Almightiness of Your Presence!

Father, I acknowledge that You are the Sovereign All-Ruler over all things, over all Creation…Sovereign over the heavens and all that’s in it, Sovereign over the Earth and all that’s on it, Sovereign over the spirit world and all that’s in it, Sovereign over everything that touches my life.  And You exercise Your Sovereignty perfectly over all things; You exercise Your Sovereignty immediately, completely, continually over all things, such that nothing takes place on the face of this Earth, nothing takes place in the heavens above, nothing takes place in the spirit world, nothing can touch my life, apart from Your having either Personally caused it to happen, or Your having specifically, consciously, and deliberately allowed it to happen.  And all to accomplish Your Own good purpose.  All that You do is necessarily the very best, very kindest, most loving thing that can possibly be.  And although oftentimes I may not understand it, yet, even so, I trust You.  For I know that You make all things work together for my good…for the good of those who love You and are called according to Your purposes.

Abba Father…You have assured me that I may have this confidence in approaching God:If you make any request in agreement with My will, I shall hear you.  And since you know that I will hear you in whatever you ask, you may be sure, beyond the shadow of any doubt, that I shall grant you the request that is in agreement with My will you have made of me. [1 John 5:14]

And so, Father, I’ve come in the Name of Your Divine Son Jesus before Your Throne of Grace, to bring my request before You.  Father…if it is possible, within the framework of Your plans, Your purposes, Your will for me, may this cup of suffering be taken from Me.  Stretch out Your hand to heal, to restore, to deliver, to save, to perform miraculous signs and wonders through the Name of Your Divine Son Jesus.  Father… bring glory to Your Name, and bring Your blessings and salvation before the souls of men.

Father, if it is not possible, within the framework of Your plans, Your purposes, Your will for me, for this cup to be taken away unless I drink it, then not My will, but Thy will be done.  Send an angel from Heaven to strengthen me, as You did for Your Divine Son Jesus in the Garden that night.  Let Your strength be manifested in my weakness, as You told Paul it would.  I will then all the more gladly glory in my weaknesses and infirmities, that the strength and power of Christ may rest upon me!  So for the sake of Christ, I am well pleased and take pleasure in infirmities, insults, hardships, persecutions, perplexities and distresses; for when I am weak in terms of human strength, then am I truly strong in Christ’s Divine strength! [2 Cor 12:8-10]

Because of Your steadfast love for me, Father, I know there is nothing You would ask of me, to be for You or to do for You, to learn of You or just, perhaps, to suffer because it is part of Your plans, Your purposes, Your will for me…that would be unreasonable, or too much to ask.  And so, it no longer matters to me where You place me, or how… whether in serious perplexity, or in positions of great difficulty, or in circumstances of great pressure and trial; whether You place me at all, or when; where You lead me to go, or what You show me to do.  That is rather for You to consider than for me.  For in the easiest position, still, You must give me Your grace, and in the most difficult, Your grace is more than sufficient.  It is enough for me, knowing that You know why You place me where I am…whether to do, or to learn, or just, perhaps, to suffer.  It no longer matters to me what I do or what I suffer.  All that matters is that You keep my heart lovingly and joyfully joined with Your will.  I know that if You place me in serious perplexity, You will give me much guidance; in positions of great difficulty, much grace; in circumstances of great pressure and trial, much strength.  I have no concern that Your resources might prove to be unequal to the emergency…and Your resources are mine, for You are mine and are with me, and dwell in me…and have promised never, never, to leave me; never, ever to forsake me…assuredly not!

My precious child…is there really nothing I could ask of you, **        **, that would be unreasonable, or too much to ask?  Does it really no longer matter to you where I place you, or how, **        **Are you really willing to die for me, Peter?  I am telling you the truth: before the rooster crows twice you will say three times that you do not even know Me. [John 13:38]  Keep watching and praying, **        **, that you may not enter into temptation; the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. [Matt 26:41]

Friends, brothers and sisters…
Do you believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Divine Son in the Triune God, the Lamb of God Who came into this world to become the One only, all-sufficient, atoning sacrifice through His death on the cross and subsequent resurrection, thereby securing forgiveness for your sins and restoring your relationship with God that had been severed by your sins?

Jesus Himself made it perfectly clear, “I am the Way and the Truth and the Life.  No one comes to the Father except through Me.  I Myself am the Resurrection and the Life.  Anyone who believes in Me, though dying a physical death like everyone else, will rise again to an eternal life with Me in Heaven.” [John 14:6, 11:25-26]  There is one absolutely necessary preparation for every living soul on the face of this Earth, for the soon coming and imminent return of Jesus Christ…the one preparation that will irrevocably determine in which neighborhood you will spend all eternity, whether in Heaven or in Hell.  You must be a born-again child of God.  I tell you the truth, unless one is born again, he cannot be in God’s Kingdom.  I tell you the truth, no one can ever enter the Kingdom of God unless he is born of water and the Spirit.  Flesh gives birth to flesh, but the Spirit gives birth to spirit.  You should not be surprised at My saying you must be born again. [Jesus… John 3:3-7]

If you have never been born again,
or you are not sure whether you have been born again,
or you have been living your life as a lukewarm Christian and would now like to recommit your life and enter into a deep and intimate relationship with Christ Jesus in preparation for the soon coming marriage supper of the Lamb…
then I counsel you to get alone with God, read the solemn marriage vows you must make to become the bride of Christ and thereby be born-again, [], and with sincerity of heart from within the depths of your being, acknowledge before God, “I DO.”

Take my life and let it be:

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