April 19

The washing of one’s robes and the keeping of one’s garments relates to this very attitude and habit of looking for the return of Christ as an imminent event.  Brethren, as you hope to walk those golden streets, and eat of those immortal fruits, see to it that you have your garments clean and your loins girded about like unto men waiting for their Lord. [Seiss…Rev 21:9-22:5]

Righteousness and Justice are the foundation of Your Throne; unfailing Love and Faithfulness go before You!  Blessed are those who have learned to worship Your Majesty, who walk in the inaccessible light of the Glory of Your Presence, O Lord!  I rejoice in Your Name all day long; I continually praise Your righteousness!  For You are my glory and my strength, and by Your favor I am more than a conqueror, with overwhelming victory! [Ps 89:14-17]


Be strong, and let your heart take courage, all you who wait for the LORD! [Ps 31:24]

My beloved child…the much needed lesson for all who desire to learn truly and fully what waiting on God is: it is with your heart you must wait upon God.  “As a man’s heart is, so he is before God.”  All of your waiting depends upon the state of your heart. You can advance no further or deeper into the Holy of Holies of God’s Presence to wait on Me there, than your heart is prepared for it by My Holy Spirit.

**        **, it is in the state of your heart that one of the chief causes must be sought of the feebleness of your spiritual life.  Many of My children have no sense of the great difference between the religion of the mind and the religion of the heart, and the former is far more diligently cultivated than the latter.  You do not realize how infinitely greater your heart is than your mind.  Scripture clearly tells you: Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths. [Prov 3:5-6]  True…your mind has to gather knowledge from God’s Word, and prepare the food by which your heart with its inner life is to be nourished.  But here comes in the terrible danger of your leaning to, and trusting in, your own understanding of the Divine truths of the spiritual realm.  Your human understanding only deals with conceptions and images of Divine things…only images and shadows… but it cannot reach the real life of your soul.  It is with your heart you are to believe, and come in touch with God.  It is in your heart I have given My Holy Spirit, to be there to you the Presence and the Power of God working in you.  In all your spiritual life, it is your heart that must trust and love and worship and obey.  Your mind is utterly impotent in creating or maintaining spiritual life within you…your heart must wait in faith and child-like trust upon God for My Holy Spirit to work it in you.  Continually and unceasingly day and night, you must breathe in the breath of life that comes from My Holy Spirit and sustains your spiritual life…just the same as your lungs, continually and unceasingly, need to breathe in that breath of life that comes from the outside air and sustains your physical life.  Reason may tell you what God’s Word says, but it can do nothing to the feeding of your soul on the Bread of Life.  This your heart alone can do by its faith and trust in God.

Your deepest need then, My child, when you have studied or heard God’s Word, is to cease from your thoughts, to put no trust in them, and to waken your heart to open itself before God, and seek living fellowship with Me.  It is My Holy Spirit Who illuminates your mind to understand spiritual truths.  You are to believe in your heart through faith what you can never know with your mind…and seek living fellowship with Me.  Faith is a living relationship with God…not merely thoughts about Me, or studying about Me, or hearing about Me.  Your soul, in the powers of the flesh with its human capabilities and capacities of the human mind, can only learn about God…from the information it gathers, processes, and then forms conclusions.  Your soul is not capable of having any personal contact with God.  Only your spirit, where in your heart I have given My Holy Spirit, is capable of having personal contact with God…to commune with Me and experience Me and come to personally know Me.  Faith is not just knowing about Me…it is knowing Me personally and intimately, by spending time being alone together with Me and experiencing Me, one to One, heart to Heart.  There is an Eternal separation between knowing God and knowledge about God.  The personal experience of God is what deepens your knowing Me, and separates from mere knowledge about Me: My ears had heard of You, but now my spiritual eyes have seen You. [Job 42:5]

**          **, this is now the blessedness of waiting upon God…that you confess the impotence of all your thoughts and efforts, and set yourself still to bow your heart before Me in holy silence, and to trust Me to renew and strengthen My Own work in you. Remember always the great difference between knowing with your mind and believing with your heart: You need only present your heart before Me as that wonderful part of your spirit in which I reveal Myself to you through My Holy Spirit, and where you can personally, intimately, know Me.  You need only just let your heart wait at times in perfect silence and quiet; in its hidden depths God will work.  You can be sure of this, and just wait upon Me.  When once living faith has been awakened in you, it then watches for every appearing of My Divine Will.  It listens and accepts every indication of My Divine Presence; it looks for and expects the fulfillment of every Divine Promise.  You need only give your whole heart, with its secret workings, into My hands continually.  I want your heart, and take it, and as God dwell in it.  Be strong, and let your heart take courage, all you who wait for the LORD!

My beloved child…if only you would just understand this and fully embrace this in your heart: My Eternal Purpose for your existence is for you to be joined together with Me in a Sacred Covenant relationship…a deep and intimate personal relationship.  This is the deepest desire of My heart.  Your highest privilege as a soul created in My image and likeness is to enter into this relationship and become My son/daughter…a child of the Most High God!  You enter into My Eternal Purpose for you through being born into the spiritual realm by supernatural means…that is, by being born anew of the Spirit of God. The Holy Spirit comes upon you, and the Power of the Most High overshadows you.  You are thereby born again of the Spirit, and become a child of the Most High God: [https://preservechristianfamily.org/2019/01/21/bride-of-christ/].  I Myself am your Father.

You will have entirely fulfilled My purpose for your existence, **          **, by coming away with Me to our trysting place faithfully every day, where we can just be alone to commune together.  The most intense desire of My heart is that you would look forward with an unclouded child-like carefree joy to spending this time together with Me.  It is there during our times together that I pour all of My Blessedness and all of My Goodness into you, where we have intimate fellowship together, where I reveal Myself ever more deeply to you and become ever more one with you, even as We are One with One Another in Our Blessed Holy Trinity.  My desire is that you abide with Me in My unclouded Presence throughout all the days of your life on Earth, and thereafter with Me in Heaven for all eternity.

My beloved child…don’t you yet understand?  I Myself have prepared a promised rest for you.  No matter what storms of life may be raging…a fierce tempest, whipping the waves into a tumultuous, churning, turmoil…beneath the surface, in the depths of God, all is peaceful and calm, all is tranquil and unruffled.  In the shadow of the Almighty, you will find an unruffled child-like rest for your soul.  This is your birth-right as My son/ daughter.  The Eternal Power of the Blood of My Divine Son Jesus has guaranteed and secured your eternal access into the Heavenly Sanctuary and the Holy of Holies… into My unclouded Presence and My promised rest.  The way into My promised rest is so simple, a child can understand it.  It is so simple, though, that only a child can embrace it and enter in.  Anyone who will not receive the Kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.

Christ Jesus My Son has dedicated the way, by Personal example, for you to follow in His footsteps into My promised rest.  You must walk along the Path He walked; it is the Path of obedience and suffering, self-sacrifice and self-denial, death to sin and death to self.  It is there in Gethsemane’s Garden that you find the Path that leads up to the Gate, which opens into the Heavenly Sanctuary and the Holy of Holies…into My unclouded Presence. It is the only Path that leads up to the Gate, which bears on its header the inscription THY WILL BE DONE.  No one can pass through until they first surrender their own free will there to the Gate-keeper.  Beloved…you walk along that Path and enter through that Gate solely and only by faith.  The way into My promised rest is through your unwavering child-like trust in Me, your unreserved child-like dependence upon Me, and your unquestioning child-like obedience to, and acceptance of, My will.

My promised rest is there for you to enter, but your ancestors who first heard this good news failed to enter because of their unbelief.   When God swore in His wrath and indignation, “They will never enter the land where I would have given them rest”…of whom was He speaking?  He was speaking of those whom Moses led out of Egypt and then rebelled.  We see, then, that they were not able to enter the land, because they did not believe.  God’s rest is there for people to enter, but those who first heard this good news failed to enter because of their unbelief.  So God set another time for entering His rest, and that time is Today.  God announced this through David much later in the words already quoted: “Today when you hear His voice, don’t harden your hearts.”  There is a special rest still waiting for My children.  My deepest desire is for you to enter into My promised rest; do not fail as they did because of their lack of faith.

Jesus and His disciples were in their boat, heading across to the other side of the lake. Suddenly, a strong wind blew up, and the waves began to spill over into the boat, so that it was about to fill with water.  Jesus was in the back of the boat, sleeping with His head on a pillow.  The disciples woke Him and said, “Teacher, don’t You care that we are about to die?”  Jesus stood up and commanded the wind, “Be quiet!”  And He said to the waves, “Be still!”  The wind died down, and there was a great calm.  Then Jesus said to His disciples, “Why are you frightened?  Do you still have no faith?[Mk 4:37-40]  

Wherefore, My beloved child, having now boldness to enter into the Holy of Holies by the Blood of Christ Jesus My Son, by the way which He dedicated for you, a new and living way to God through the veil, that is to say, through the veil of your flesh…do not hesitate then to draw nigh in fullness of faith; continually abide here with Me in the fullness of faith.  Those who abide in the shelter of the Most High will find rest in the shadow of the Almighty. [Heb 10:19,22; Ps 91:1]

Abba Father…this is surely the blessed life of deep and intimate personal relationship with You: my waiting upon God…watching and waiting, looking off unto You and listening for Your voice…with an unwavering child-like trust and an unreserved child-like dependence, with a joyful expectation and an excited anticipation, for You to reveal Yourself to me ever more deeply and intimately, and Your plans, Your purposes, Your will for me…SO I MAY THEN RESPOND, with an unquestioning child-like obedience, to every leading and prompting of Your Holy Spirit, cooperating with the Power of His enabling grace Who works in me both to will and to do.  Blessed Holy Spirit…You are the Divine Nature dwelling in me, Whose Power in me continually guarantees and secures my capability to live my everyday life: faithful to my solemn marriage vows as the bride of Christ; faithfully within the Holy of Holies and the unclouded Presence of my Father in our Sacred Covenant relationship.

My soul, wait thou only upon God!  


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