May 14

Lord God Almighty…even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil, for You are always with me; Your rod and Your staff protect, guide, and comfort me.  You prepare a banquet before me in the presence of my enemies!  You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows with blessings!  Surely Your Goodness and Love accompanies me all the days of my life, and I shall abide in Your house forever!
[Ps 23:4-6]

And all those upon the Earth who never knew You, Blessed Jesus…the rich as well as the poor; the kings and princes and rulers of this world, as well as their subjects and slaves; the famous and the well-known, as well as the unknown and the obscure…all of these alike will run to the hills and to the mountains in abject terror, to hide in caves and to cry out for the rocks to fall upon them… just to hide them from the face of the Lamb and from Your terrible Majesty. [Rev 6:15-17; Isa 2:19-21]


And therefore will the LORD wait, that He may be gracious unto you, and therefore will He be exalted, that He may have mercy upon you: for the LORD is a God of judgment: blessed are all they that wait for Him. [Isa 30:18]

And therefore will the Lord wait, that He may be gracious unto you.”  The vision of your God and Father waiting upon you will give a new impulse and inspiration, an unspeakable confidence, that your waiting upon Me will most assuredly never be in vain!  Yes…the God of the Universe waits for you, My beloved child, with all of the longings of a Father’s heart, that I may be gracious unto you.  God is Love…an unceasing and inexpressible desire to communicate My Own Blessedness and Goodness to all My creatures.  I long and delight to bless.  I have inconceivably glorious purposes concerning every one of My children, by the Power of My Holy Spirit, to reveal in you My Love and Power.  With every breath of your life of waiting upon God, you need only let faith’s vision see Me, your God and Father, waiting patiently for you.  If your waiting seems long, and the answer remains hidden, be assured that your Father knows when you are spiritually ready to receive the blessing to your profit and My Glory. Waiting patiently in the sunshine of My Love is what will ripen your soul for My blessing.  Waiting patiently under the cloud of trial, that breaks forth in showers of blessing, is just as needful.  Be assured that if your God and Father waits longer than you could wish, My child, it is only to make the blessing doubly precious.

Oftentimes though, **        **, you are waiting for the gift, and give no thought to the One upon Whom you are waiting.  The Giver is much more than the gift.  I Myself am more than the blessing; you need to learn to find your joy and your life in Me alone.  Oh, if My children only knew what a glorious God you have, and what a privilege it is to be linked in fellowship with Me, then you would rejoice in Me more so than in My gifts and blessings!  Then each one of My blessings and gifts would only serve to draw you ever deeper into your relationship of love and adoration to Me.  And if My waiting for you, My child, be nothing but Goodness and Graciousness, you are to let your waiting be nothing but a rejoicing in My Goodness, and a confident expectancy of My Grace.  You need only let every thought of waiting become to you simply the experience of unmingled and unutterable blessedness, because it brings you to a God Who patiently waits…that I may make Myself known to you perfectly as the Gracious One.  Therefore will the Lord wait, that He may be gracious unto me; blessed, then, are all they that wait for Him.  What a dignity and blessedness, My beloved child, to be attendants-in-waiting on the Everlasting God, ever on the watch for every indication of My will or favor, ever conscious of My nearness, My Goodness, My Grace!  “The Lord is good to them that wait for Him.”

Beloved…God, Who said, “Let light shine out of darkness“…I have indeed made My
marvelous light shine in your heart, revealing to you the glorious light of the knowledge of the Majesty and Glory of God manifested in the face of Christ Jesus My Son.  And this is the message clearly given you by My Divine Son Jesus: I have loved you with an Everlasting Love; I died for you.  I have reached out My nail-pierced hands compassionately toward you, and with pleading eyes invite you, saying, “Child, come with Me.  Abide with Me and abide with My Father.  I have prepared a place for you in My Father’s house, and I have prepared the way for you.”  My love is real, and if you would only just open your heart to it, I will fill that emptiness in your soul!  The love of God will be shed abroad in your heart, and you will be filled to overflowing with all the fullness of God.  Never again will you hunger; never again will you thirst!  Your soul shall be forever satisfied, as with the richest of foods!  You will feast on the abundance of My house; I will give you drink from My River of delights!

Precious child…have you never understood, never fully embraced…God is Love.  My reason for creating the Universe, and all that is in it, was Divine Love.  I consciously and deliberately chose to create, because love always desires to pour all of its blessedness, all of its goodness, into the beloved.  And so I brought into existence all of the objects of My love…all of Creation…so as to manifest My love to them, in them, and through them. Everything I brought into existence is in its very nature an expression, and a reflection, of My infinite Love.

Even more, **        **, I made you for Myself, in My Own image and in My Own likeness, to be joined together with Me in a Sacred Covenant relationship…a living union of oneness…the very crown jewels of My creation, and that, as a mirror of the Almighty, you would reflect My Glory to the created Universe.  God’s part in this deep and intimate Sacred Covenant relationship I desire with each soul I have brought into existence is to pour all of My Blessedness and Goodness into you, to have intimate fellowship with you, and to be one with you, even as We are One with One Another in Our Blessed Holy Trinity.  Your part in our relationship, My beloved child, is to worship the God Who loves you with an everlasting Love, and to enjoy being with Me all the days of your life on Earth, and thereafter with Me in Heaven for all eternity.

Beloved child of God!  You entirely fulfill My purpose in creating you by coming away with Me to our chosen trysting place faithfully every day, where we can spend some time alone together just to commune.  The most intense desire of My heart is that you would look forward with an unclouded child-like carefree joy to spending this time together with Me.  It is there during our times together where I reveal Myself ever more deeply to you, and show you the wonderful rich eternal treasures of the spiritual realm you could never otherwise come to know.

My child…I Myself have prepared a promised rest for you, an unruffled child-like rest… yours even through the most intense storms of life.  No matter how fierce the tempest whipping the waves into a tumultuous, churning turmoil…beneath the surface, in the depths of God, all is peaceful and calm, all is tranquil and unruffled.  In the shadow of the Almighty, you will find an unruffled child-like rest for your soul.  The Eternal Power of the Blood of My Divine Son Jesus guarantees and secures your eternal access into the Holy of Holies, and My unclouded Presence, as your birth-right.  The way into My promised rest is so simple, a child can understand it.  It is so simple, though, that only a child-like faith can embrace it and enter in.  Entrance is solely and only through your unwavering child-like trust in Me, your unreserved child-like dependence upon Me, and your unquestioning child-like obedience to, and acceptance of, My will in your everyday manner of life, and in fully embracing the purposes for your life I have planned in advance for you.  The confirmation in your own spirit that you have indeed entered into My rest is the well-being of your soul: continually at rest in an unruffled child-like rest; an unclouded child-like carefree joy in just being together with Me.

Abba Father…here am I, your child now and forever I am; I’ve come running to You with a reckless abandon!  I bless Your wonderful Name, for You adopted me into Your Family at that moment in time when I earnestly made a solemn vow before God in giving myself to be the spiritual bride of Christ Your Son in divine marriage [].  You became in every respect truly my Father; I became in every respect truly Your child!  You assure me, “You are the apple of My eye; I take great pleasure in you!  I rejoice over you with singing; you are well-pleasing in My sight!  My heart delights in you, and I long to fill you with all the fullness of God.”  Oh Father, You are a perfect parent.  You reassure me of Your unconditional, unfailing love, promising never to leave me, never to forsake me.  You comfort me in my times of need; I can trust You, Father, implicitly and absolutely, always safe and secure in Your everlasting arms, continually at rest in You with an unruffled child-like rest.  You are always available for me when I call upon You.  I never need hesitate to cry out boldly to my Father; You are always accessible to Your children.  You are never too preoccupied to listen to what I am saying, never disregard my feelings or my sense of need, always answer me!  You are my shield and protector, carefully watching over me, protecting me, and keeping me safe, even from hurting my own self!  I never need be anxious about anything, as I realize this, that my Father is Sovereign over all things and, more than that, You exercise Your Sovereignty perfectly over everything that would touch my life!  You think about me day and night, even though I may not be thinking about You.  You generously meet my every need, every want, every desire, according to Your Own perfect plan for my life!  You are interested in all that I do, always a source of encouragement to me.  You are skillful in teaching and training Your child, wise in guiding and counseling me, purposeful in correcting, chastising, and disciplining me.  As a child in God’s Family, I have a promised inheritance, a share in the Glory of Christ Your Son, that is a guaranteed certainty!  My Father’s wealth is immeasurable, and I am a co-heir with Your Divine Son Jesus in inheriting Your entire estate!  More than that, there is absolute stability and security in God’s Family.  God my Father is entirely wise and good, and my position as a child in Your Family is permanently assured…I would never be disinherited, even under extreme provocation! Our Family relationship is an abiding one, lasting forever.  Perfect parents do not cast off their children, nor do they propose to throw their children out of the family unless they behave.  Oh God my Father…You go out of Your way to make Your child feel Your all-embracing love, and to know my privilege and security as a member of Your precious Family!  You are an intimately close and affectionate Father, friend, and companion!

Abba Father…I realize, I acknowledge…I am able to abide with You here in the Holy of Holies solely and only in the power of Your enabling grace, manifested and exercised in me through the Eternal Power of Your indwelling Holy Spirit.  He is the Divine nature dwelling in me Who works in me both to will and to do…both the desire to abide with You, and the power to be able to abide with You.  In the power of my flesh…in reliance upon my human capabilities and capacities, by my own efforts and in my own strength, according to my own wisdom, knowledge, and understanding…I am hopelessly powerless, hopelessly impotent, hopelessly helpless to abide with You in the Holy of Holies…or to live my life in a manner that is good or pleasing or acceptable to You. Continually and unceasingly day and night, my heart needs to breathe in that breath of life that comes from Your Holy Spirit and sustains my spiritual life, just the same as my lungs need, continually and unceasingly, to breathe in that breath of life that comes from the outside air and sustains my physical life.  Therefore, Father, I am to give Your Holy Spirit free reign over the conduct of my everyday life, and not allow my sin-enslaved human nature to have any say…to usurp rule and authority over me…in anything.  Your Holy Spirit must BE ALL in me and DO ALL in me.

The deepest desire of my heart is that You enable me by the Power of Your enabling grace to embrace this blessed life of deep and intimate personal relationship with You: my waiting upon God…watching and waiting, looking off unto You and listening for Your voice…with an unwavering child-like trust and an unreserved child-like dependence, with a joyful expectation and an excited anticipation…for You to reveal Yourself to me ever more deeply and intimately, and Your plans, Your purposes, Your will for me…SO I MAY THEN RESPOND, with an unquestioning child-like obedience, to every leading and prompting of Your Holy Spirit, cooperating with the Power of His enabling grace Who works in me both to will and to do.

My soul, wait thou only upon God! 



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