Eternal Purpose

God’s Eternal Purpose for Every Created Soul

Beloved…I have loved you with an everlasting Love, and in love I created you for Myself. My Love for you is real, and if only you would just open your heart to embrace it, I will fill your soul to overflowing with all the fullness of God. [Triune God…Eph 3:14-19] [Day 62]

My eternal purpose for your existence is for you to be joined together with Me in a Sacred Covenant relationship…a deep and intimate personal relationship. This is the deepest desire of My heart. Your highest privilege as a soul created in My image and likeness is to enter into this relationship and become a child of the Most High God. [Triune God…Rom 8:14-16; John 17:20-24] [Day 63]

You have entirely fulfilled My purpose in creating you by coming away with Me to our trysting place faithfully every day, where we can just be alone to commune together. The most intense desire of My heart is that you would look forward with an unclouded child-like carefree joy to spending this time together with Me. [Father God…Ps 16:11; Luke 10:38-42] [Day 64]

It is there during our times together that I pour all of My Blessedness and all of My Goodness into you, where we have intimate fellowship together, where I reveal Myself ever more deeply to you. My desire is that you abide with Me in My unclouded Presence throughout all the days of your life on Earth, and thereafter with Me in Heaven for all eternity. [Triune God…Heb 10:19-22] [Day 65]

You enter into My eternal purpose for you through being born into the spiritual realm by supernatural means…that is, by being born anew of the Spirit of God. The Holy Spirit comes upon you, and the Power of the Most High overshadows you. You are thereby born again of the Spirit, and become a child of the Most High God; I Myself am your Father. [Father God…John 1:12-13] [Day 66]

Your spiritual life begins at that moment in time when you are born again of the Spirit…just as your physical life began at that moment in time when you were born as a baby into this world by natural means…that is, by being born as a child of a human father through your mother. [Father God…John 3:3-5] [Day 67]

No one can enter the Kingdom of God without having been born both of water washing away your sins through the cleansing bath of the new birth, and the regeneration wrought by the Holy Spirit infusing within you a new and divine principle of life. A person is born physically of human parents, but you are born spiritually of the Spirit. [Father God…Titus 3:4-7] [Day 68]

On that momentous day when you earnestly made a solemn vow before God in giving yourself to be the bride of Christ My Son, receiving Jesus the Christ into your life in divine marriage, promising to honor and obey Him as both Lord over your life and Savior of your soul…you were granted the right to become born spiritually as a child of God. [Father God…John 1:12-13] [Day 69]

At that moment, you are joined inseparably together with My Divine Son Jesus in a living union of oneness…flesh of His flesh and bone of His bones…through the regeneration wrought in you by the Holy Spirit. It is Finished! The Eternal Power of the Blood of Christ has guaranteed and secured your eternal union with Him as an accomplished and finished fact. [Father God…John 17:21-23] [Day 70]

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