Family Pledge

The Family Pledge is a trumpet call to gather together Christian parents and grandparents especially…but really all Christians…to be part of a remnant of one million families who are willing to stand steadfast and immovable with Christ; who will follow the Lamb whithersoever He goes; who will not bow down, nor shrink back, nor compromise.


We Will Not Allow Our Children To Be Morally And Spiritually Abused  

God created Humankind for Himself, Divinely crafted with the capability and capacity to be joined together with Him in a Sacred Covenant relationship. The foundational principles of Human life were set forth in Creation by God through His Divine institutions of marriage, family, and God-ordained physical gender at birth. We wholeheartedly embrace the truth set forth in Scripture that God created Man and then formed Woman, taken out of Man, to be a suitable partner for him. God created Humankind male and female; for this reason a man shall depart from his parents’ household and form a new family unit in union with his wife, joined inseparably together with her in marriage and open to the gift of children. Children are a precious gift given to us from God, created in His Own image and likeness, and fashioned after our own image and likeness. The fruit of the womb is His gracious heritage! How blessed we are as parents whose household is filled with them!

We represent a variety of differing faith communities and belief perspectives, yet in our common affirmation of these fundamental truths we stand united together.

On June 26, 2015, our Nation’s Supreme Court acted with brazen presumption to overrule the Supreme Being by redefining marriage, in their self-proclaimed “supreme authority” on what constitutes marriage and the family, to include same-sex couples. This unconstitutional decision has provided the framework for…and has legitimized what long before had already been set in motion…a relentless LGBT [Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender] agenda purposing the ultimate destruction of the fundamental character of both marriage and the family unit, and of sexual orientation determined by a person’s God-ordained physical gender at birth.

We stand together and affirm our determined resolve: We will not allow our children to be morally and spiritually abused. We have counted the cost, and are willing to pay the price, of standing steadfast and immovable with Christ in our parental role with our children and grandchildren. We affirm our determined resolve that there is no cost too much to pay to protect our children from the determined efforts of our Nation’s ruling authorities, and our society, to override God’s moral and spiritual precepts set before us in Scripture.

We affirm our determined resolve to:

Teach and train our children…

  • Who they are in their God-ordained sexual orientation determined by their God-given physical gender at birth;
  • Concerning the wonderful plans God has for them in their created physical gender, but not outside of it;
  • What God teaches about human sexuality;
  • How to recognize our society’s godless LGBT teaching and agenda;
  • How to withstand LGBT peer and adult bullies;
  • To be Warriors for Christ who will boldly stand as witnesses for Christ against their agenda, and not be just passive resisters.

Protect our children from the moral and spiritual poison of the LGBT curriculum that our Nation’s ruling authorities are determined to indoctrinate them with through their Public School system.

Insulate our children from society’s determined efforts to brainwash them with LGBT concepts and behavior…through television programming and advertisements, film industry, magazines and books, the Internet…that God has labeled morally and spiritually abhorrent. We will not allow our children to participate in social groups that welcome adult leaders openly and unashamedly living, or affirming, a lifestyle that God calls an abomination.

Stand together in setting an example for our children to follow in our footsteps. We acknowledge having been called for this purpose, just as Christ also suffered for us, leaving His Personal example so that we should follow in His footsteps. We have counted the cost, and are willing to pay the price, of standing steadfast and immovable with Christ in our work environment as employers and employees, and in our social environment.

We affirm our determined resolve to stand steadfast and immovable with Christ:

We will not serve the gods of this world, or bow down before any golden image set before us in the form of a law put into effect by our Nation’s ruling authorities that stands in opposition to God’s Laws.

We will not shrink back from standing firm in our Biblical beliefs when threatened with financial loss, or intimidated with verbal abuse, emotional abuse, social abuse, physical abuse, or spiritual abuse.

We will not compromise our conscience, in our work environment as employers and employees or in our social environment, regarding the Biblical moral and spiritual precepts that our God has set before us, no matter the cost.

We purpose to openly and unashamedly display our visible witness for Christ in our work environment and in our social environment, that all may know of the Lord with Whom we stand.

We will not remain silent in the presence of what God calls evil, knowing that to hear evil and remain silent would be to convey our agreement, or at least a lack of disagreement.

We will not remain in association with any social group or organization that practices, accepts, affirms, or encourages what God calls evil, knowing that to do so would be to convey our acceptance of such behavior.

We purpose to actively stand in support of our brothers and sisters in Christ whenever our Nation’s ruling authorities, or our society, launch an attack against their marriage, their family, their freedom to live their lives in accordance with Biblical values, or their Constitutional right of free speech.

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