Yea, in the way of Your judgments, O LORD, have I waited for You; the desire of my soul is to Your Name, and to the remembrance of You. With my soul have I desired You in the night; yea, with my spirit within me will I seek You early: for when Your judgments are in the Earth, the inhabitants of the world will learn righteousness. The LORD is a God of judgment: blessed are all they that wait for Him. [Isa 30:18; 26:8-9]

My beloved child…God is both a God of Mercy and a God of Judgment. My mercy saves the sinner…not in spite of, but by means of, the very judgment that comes upon your sin. If you are honest in your longings for holiness, in your prayer to be wholly the Lord’s, My Holy Presence will stir up and discover hidden sin within you, and bring you very low in the bitter conviction of the evil of your nature, its opposition to God’s Law, its impotence to fulfill that Law. The words will come true, “Who may abide the Day of His coming, for He is like a refiners fire.” In great mercy God executes within your soul My judgments upon sin, as I make it feel its wickedness and guilt. Many a one tries to flee from these judgments. The soul that longs for God and for deliverance from sin, however, bows under them in humility and in hope. In silence of soul, you need to cry out to your God, “Arise, O Lord! and let Thy enemies be scattered! In the way of Thy judgments I have waited for Thee.”

**        **, if the cry from the depths of your soul is that I create a pure heart within you… a heart that is inflamed with yearning to live out your everyday life in a purity, holiness, and righteousness of your own that comes from obedience to My Law; if the deepest desire of your heart is to be holy as I am Holy, to be perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect…you can fully expect Me to grant this desire of your heart. I will make you miserable over sin in your life that you have heretofore been careless, complacent, and indifferent about, and I will make you painfully and consciously aware of sins that your heart…being deceitful and desperately wicked that it is…has hidden from you. O LORD, rebuke me not in Your wrath, neither chasten me in Your hot displeasure. For Your arrows have sunk into me and stick fast, and Your hand has come down upon me and pressed me sorely. There is no soundness in my flesh because of Your indignation; neither is there any health or rest in my bones because of my sin. For my iniquities have gone over my head [like waves of a flood]; as a heavy burden they weigh too much for me. My wounds are loathsome and corrupt because of my foolishness. I am bent and bowed down greatly; I go about mourning all the day long. For my loins are filled with burning; and there is no soundness in my flesh. I am faint and sorely bruised [deadly cold and quite worn out]; I groan by reason of the disquiet and moaning of my heart. [Ps 38:1-8]

Beloved, I reprove My children, Wash your hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts, you double-minded! I will cause you to grieve, mourn and wail over your sins, and in true repentance to change your laughter to tears of sorrow and your mirth to deep sadness as you grieve over your disloyalty! And I will lovingly urge you, Humble yourself before Me, and I will lift you up, encourage you, and help you! [James 4:8-10] I will lead you to confession and true repentance, and to have the same desire for purity, holiness, and righteousness in your life that I desire for all My children: As the One Who called you is Holy, you yourselves also be holy in all your conduct and manner of living. For it is written, You shall be holy, for I am Holy; and, Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect [1 Peter 1:15-16; Mt 5:48] I will grant you the desire of your heart for purity, holiness, and righteousness, just as My Divine Son Jesus assured you, Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled [Mt 5:6] He has assured you that your longing will be completely satisfied, and you will be filled up to the measure of all the fullness of God…to the richest measure of My unclouded Presence, a soul wholly filled and flooded with God Himself!

Child of God! In the depths of your soul, you need only submit and sink down under the judgment of your every sin; judgment prepares the way, and breaks out in wonderful mercy. You are not to despair because unconquered sins, or evil thoughts, or great darkness appear to hide God’s Face. It is written, “Thou shall be redeemed with judgment.” You are to wait upon God, in the faith that My tender mercy is working out in you My redemption in the midst of judgment; you are to wait for Me, for I will be gracious to you.

Oh My beloved…Come now, let us reason together. Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool. If only you would just be willing and obedient, you will eat the best from the land! Break up the fallow ground of your heart! Plant the good seeds of righteousness in your heart, and reap the blessings that your devotion to Me will produce. It is time for you to turn to Me, your Lord, and I will come and shower blessings of righteousness upon you. Even now, **        **, return to Me with all your heart, with fasting and weeping and mourning. Rend your heart in deep sorrow, and not your garments! Return to the Lord your God, for I am gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and abounding in love; I am always ready to forgive and not punish. If My people, who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from Heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” [Isa 1:18-19; Hos 10:12; Joel 2:12-13; 2 Chron 7:14-15]

**        **, you need also to be expecting God, in the way of My judgments, to visit this Earth in all of My Majesty and Glory and Power; you need to be waiting for My imminent return. You know that there are tens of thousands of your professing brothers and sisters who live on in carelessness, complacency, and indifference.  O, child of God! Shall you not do your utmost to warn them, to plead with and for them, if God may have mercy on them in the way of My judgments! If you feel your want of boldness, want of zeal, want of power, shall you not begin to wait upon God more definitely and persistently as a God of judgment, asking Me to reveal Myself in the judgments that are coming upon your very friends, that you may be inspired with a new awe-filled regard for Me with the utmost reverence and respect, and a holy fear for them, and constrained to speak and pray as never yet.  Waiting upon God is not meant to be a spiritual self-indulgence. Its object is to let God and My holiness, Christ My Son and the love that died on Calvary, the Spirit and fire that burns in Heaven and came to Earth, get possession of you, to warn and rouse men with the message that “we are waiting for God in the way of His judgments!”

My brothers and sisters in Christ, in our Sacred Covenant relationship with our Triune God, you and I are to be available to Him, whenever He calls, to be His messenger, His ministering spirit, His watchmanWhen we are called in the capacity of His watchman, we have a solemn responsibility to fulfill: But if the watchman sees the danger coming and does not blow the trumpet to warn the people, and the sword comes and takes the life of even one of them, that one will be taken away because of his sin, but I will hold the watchman accountable for his blood. [Ezek 33:6]

I want to give two personal testimonies to illustrate our calling and responsibility as a watchman, presented below. The first testimony is a Watchman’s Letter the Lord called me to write in September 2015, addressed to the entire community of Christian pastors, leaders, and parents. The occasion took place on June 26, 2015, when with blatant arrogance our Supreme Court overruled The Supreme Being concerning His Divine institution of marriage. The second testimony is a watchman’s letter written to the new leadership of a Church Denomination Disciples Heritage Fellowship [DHF] in April 2018, and then a copy of that letter subsequently sent in April 2019 to the former [and now retired] President of that Denomination.

First Testimony: After many years of being grieved by the leaders of our Country, God’s Holy Spirit has departed. God has silently and ominously poured out His most severe judgment…He has withdrawn His Holy Spirit from our Nation. This is what the Sovereign Lord declares: You have rebelled against Me and grieved My Holy Spirit…is it not enough to try the patience of men? Will you try the patience of God also? Because you have not remembered the days of your youth but have enraged Me with all these things, I will surely bring down on your head what you have done. Even more…did you not add sexual immorality to all your other detestable practices? [Isa 63:10; 7:13; Ezek 16:43] God’s Holy Spirit is the One Whose Presence restrains evil and keeps it in abeyance; He is no longer present. As a result, evil has free reign in this Nation, unhindered now, and rampant. Evil has only, continually, and relentlessly escalated, exponentially…and will continue to do so beyond anyone’s imagination, as we are now clearly witnessing before our very eyes throughout our Nation. We are now witnessing an unprecedented Satanic attack against God’s Divine institution of marriage and family; against our God-ordained physical gender at birth; against the People of God in our Nation; against our Country’s very foundational Constitution! [Read Watchman’s Letter:

Second Testimony:
E-mail in April, 2019 to Linda; Kevin Ray

Hope all is well with you in your “retirement” years…at least from DHF leadership!
I am strongly impressed by the Spirit to write this note to you, after reading in the recent week of the United Methodists impending split [which has been coming for years] because of the LGBTQ inroads into the denomination. The majority of US Methodist churches are in agreement with the gay agenda…only the African and Philippine churches are holding fast to Biblical principles, and standing in opposition. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it.
Last year, I didn’t know why the Holy Spirit told me I was to attend the 2018 DHF Annual Conference in Decatur, Illinois…and with just 10 days notice; that is the reason why I went. I didn’t know why…until the Saturday presentation by Mitchell Yaksh [church ministry to the LGBTQ community], and my subsequent hour long meeting together with him on Monday morning. There were only 2 other people with whom the Spirit opened up for me very meaningful and significant contact with…Brian Talty [part of the Disciples Heritage Fellowship new leadership], with whom I was placed in his dinner party, and with whom I had a number of lengthy private godly conversations; and Pastor John Wylie and his wife, with whom I was together with at our “round table” during the Conference, and who were the only other Conference participants staying at the same motel as I. As you and I know, this was not just “coincidence.”
The following E-mail I am forwarding to you was to Brian on April 25, 2018, with a blind copy to Pastor John. I wanted to copy you as well at that time, but the Spirit told me not to. I did not get a response from either. I am now sending this to you at the Lord’s prompting, as a watchman.

E-mail on April 25, 2018 to Brian Talty

My time spent both at the conference and with you personally was a great blessing; thank you; I greatly appreciate it. Neither was a random occurrence, but most assuredly the leading of the Holy Spirit.
But if the watchman sees the danger coming and does not blow the trumpet to warn the people, and the sword comes and takes the lives of any of them, they will die in their perversity and iniquity, but I will hold the watchman accountable for their blood. [Ezek 33:6]
Brian…I need to make you aware of a great danger. For decades, the gay community has sought [through biologists, etc.] to discover a “gay gene.” They have desperately sought to substantiate their position that they were “born gay” and that therefore being gay is a valid and immutable human state of being. The fact is…no “gay gene” could be found; it simply does not exist. There is no gay gene; homosexuality is clearly a choice.
When I pointed this out to Mitchell [Yaksh], he seemed taken aback, and gave a very defensive, obviously foolish response: “There is no straight gene either.” Brian… God created humankind in His Own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them. [Gen 1:27] All human beings were created “straight”… God did not create anyone “gay”…and all were created with a God-ordained physical gender which is also their actual gender…there is no such mistake made by God in creating someone with a male body who is really a female. This is a fabrication of the gay community in their attempt to validate “transgenderism.” Mitchell was very defensive on this issue as well, and fully embraces “transgenderism” as a valid human state of being. However, Scripture clearly states, “A woman must not wear men’s clothing, nor a man wear women’s clothing, for the Lord your God detests anyone who does this.” [Deut 22:5] Not to mention “sex-change surgery” in addition!
As you well know, one of the two core doctrines of DHF is the Supreme authority of Scripture…and this is where Disciples of Christ [DHF split from them in 2002 on this issue] went astray and were drawn into apostasy. Their visible leaders and scholars rejected the Divine inspiration and Supreme Authority of Scripture, and instead “thoroughly and diligently” considered doctrine and human conduct in the light of “state of the art human wisdom, knowledge, and understanding” as well as in Scripture, and as a result were led to override the Supreme Being and pronounce their own erroneous decrees.
Brian…I am sounding the alarm because of my sacred responsibility before God as a watchman to do so. Mitchell is a knowledgeable and very sincere young Christian man with a commendable and deep passion for the souls of the LGBT community. I am alarmed, however, about his Scripturally erroneous, but adamant position that both being born gay and/or born transgender are valid and immutable human states of being. These are core principles concerning the gay community; when a church leader has these two principles wrong, it leads to all kinds of errors in how to minister to them. A number of these errors came to light in our meeting Monday morning…which I am not going to detail in this E-mail…but would naturally flow out of these core misunderstandings. In the words of David Pickup [a Christian Reparative Therapy psychologist], “you can’t have real compassion unless you also have truth.”
Brian…Disciple of Christ churches were profoundly involved with these LGBT issues for some 17 years before splitting away from these, among other, untenable positions and forming Disciples Heritage Fellowship. I just don’t want to see you [DHF] inadvertently go back down that same path.
If you would like to further discuss this matter, please free to contact me.

This is the blessed life of deep and intimate personal relationship with God: my waiting upon God…watching and waiting, looking off unto Him and listening for His voice…with an unwavering child-like trust and an unreserved child-like dependence, with a joyful expectation and an excited anticipation, for God to reveal Himself to me ever more deeply and intimately, and His plans, His purposes, His will for me…SO I MAY THEN RESPOND, with an unquestioning child-like obedience, to every leading and prompting of the Holy Spirit, cooperating with the power of His enabling grace Who works in me both to will and to do.

My soul, wait thou only upon God! []


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