Let integrity and uprightness preserve me; for I wait upon Thee. [Ps 25:21]

My beloved child…it is a great thing for your soul not only to wait upon God, but to be filled with such a conscious awareness of My Presence that your whole spirit and position is that of a waiting one…that you can, in child-like trust, say, “Lord! Thou knowest, I wait upon Thee!If you draw nigh to God, it must be with a true heart. Your soul must know that it allows nothing sinful, nothing doubtful. If you are indeed to meet the Holy One, and receive My full blessing, it must be with a heart wholly, only, always, given up to My will. You cannot seek close fellowship with God, or attain the abiding consciousness of waiting upon Me all the day, without a very honest and entire surrender to all My will. Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God; without holiness, no one will see the Lord. The whole spirit that animates you in your waiting must be, “Let integrity and uprightness…Thou seest that I desire so to come to Thee; Thou knowest I am looking to Thee to work godliness and honesty perfectly in me; let them…preserve me, for I wait upon Thee.” [Ps 25:21]

For I wait upon Thee.” It must be clear to you, **        **, what, specifically, you are waiting upon God for. It may be, in your times of prayer, waiting for Me to take My place as God, and to work in you the sense of My Holy Presence and nearness. It may be a special petition, to which you are expecting an answer. It may be your whole inner life, in which you are on the lookout for My putting forth of My Power. It may be the whole state of My Church and saints, or some part of My work, for which your eyes are ever toward Me. It is good that you make it clear to yourself exactly what the things are you are waiting upon Me for, and as you say definitely of each of them, “On Thee do I wait,” you shall be emboldened to claim the answer…”For on Thee do I wait.

My child, you may have this confidence in approaching God: “If you make any request in agreement with My will, I will hear you. And since you know I will hear you in whatever you ask, you can be sure, beyond the shadow of any doubt, that I will grant your request that is in agreement with My will you have made of Me. Remember, though…there is an active power of faith that receives what is requested, or overcomes adversity by securing your deliverance, when these are in agreement with My will. And there is a passive power of faith that accepts not receiving what is requested, or overcomes by patiently enduring the adversity, when granting your request, or deliverance, is not My will.  Genuine faith is triumphant both in its active and passive power, simply by an unquestioning child-like obedience to, and acceptance of, My will.  And **        **, I always act in accordance with My Own will.

Beloved…it must also be clear to you on Whom it is that you are waiting…the One True Living God, such as I really am in My Great Glory, My infinite Holiness, My Power, Wisdom, and Goodness, in My Love and nearness; the Lord God Almighty. It is the Presence of God, as I in Christ Jesus My Son by My Holy Spirit make Myself known to you, and keep your soul under My covering and shadow, that will awaken and strengthen a true waiting spirit in you. You need only be still and wait and worship, until you know how near I am, and then say with confident assurance, “On Thee do I wait.” And then let it be clear that you are indeed patiently waiting: “On Thee I do wait all the day; I wait on Thee“…with a joyful expectation, an excited anticipation. This will indeed imply sacrifice and separation, a soul entirely given up to God as your ALL, your only joy.

**        **, this waiting upon God has hardly yet been acknowledged as the only true life of a child of the Most High God…a deep and intimate personal relationship with Me. And yet, If you truly believe that I AM, and do, all that I Myself have revealed; if it be true that God alone is Goodness and Joy and Love; if it be true that your highest blessedness is in having as much of God as you can; if it be true that Christ My Son has redeemed you wholly for God, and made a life of continual abiding in My Presence possible, nothing less ought to satisfy than to be ever breathing this blessed atmosphere, “I wait on Thee.

Abba Father…Your Divine Son Jesus assured me, Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be fully satisfied. This is indeed the most intense desire of my heart, above everything else: my heart is inflamed with yearning to be holy as You are Holy, to be perfect as You are Perfect. But Father…I understand; I realize and acknowledge: I cannot literally be holy and perfect as You are. It is not humanly possible while I am still living in this body of flesh, and subject to the insistent desires of my sin-enslaved human nature. In the power of my sin-enslaved human nature, I am hopelessly powerless, hopelessly impotent, hopelessly helpless to stand against the onslaught of temptations and sins…or to free myself from these sins. The overriding characteristic of my sin-enslaved human nature is that it is enslaved by sin. My human nature is held captive by sin, imprisoned by sin, in bondage to sin, enslaved by sin…and it has no desire whatsoever to be free of sin. It likes sin, wants to continue living in sin, and refuses to give it up for You! And it can’t be fixed; it must be crucified.

Abba Father, I know I can never attain righteousness by trying, by my own efforts and in my own strength…that any efforts on my part only serve to hinder Your Spirit from working righteousness in me. Sanctification is the work of Your Holy Spirit, not mine. My place is to hate sin, love righteousness, and cooperate with the work of Your Indwelling Holy Spirit, Who is the One Who works in me both the desire to obey Your will and the Power to do Your will. You love righteousness and hate wickedness; therefore God, your God, has anointed You with the oil of exultant joy and gladness above and beyond Your companions.

My beloved child, I counsel you to live your everyday manner of life in the Power and under the guidance of My Holy Spirit; then you will not gratify the desires of your sin-enslaved human nature. Your heart is deceitful, and desperately wicked…your sin-enslaved human nature has a strong desire for its own will to be done and so to suppress My Holy Spirit, and My Spirit constantly has a strong desire for God’s will to be done and so to suppress your sin-enslaved human nature. They are in conflict with each other, so that you are hindered by your sin-enslaved human nature from freely doing what you desire to do in obedience to My will. But if you are living your life guided by My Holy Spirit, your life is no longer under the guidance of the demands of the Law, which has no power to suppress the desires of your sin-enslaved human nature. For the Law of the Spirit of life in My Divine Son Jesus has set you free from the Law of sin and its resultant death. The fruit produced by My Holy Spirit dwelling within you is love, joy, peace, patient endurance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. There is no Law prohibiting such things as these…rather, they fully satisfy the demands of My Law. Those who belong to Christ My Son have nailed the passions and desires of their sin-enslaved human nature to His cross and crucified them there. Since you earnestly desire to live your everyday manner of life under the guidance of My Holy Spirit, be careful, then, to follow the Spirit’s guidance in every part of your life.

My child, your heart can be perfect; the ultimate standard for purity of heart is perfection of heart. Purity, holiness, and righteousness…first of all and above all…is a matter of your heart. It is in your hidden life within your heart…in your mind, your thoughts, your imagination…where a pure, holy, and righteous life has its roots. True Christianity lies in the heart; the only righteousness acceptable to Me is purity of heart. Without that purity, your physical life makes no difference. My Divine evaluation takes place in your heart. I judge the source and origin of sin, not its manifestation or lack of manifestation in your actual physical life. Those who are truly My children will be motivated to purity. The deepest desire of the redeemed child of God is for holiness, even when sin hinders the perfect fulfillment of that desire. If you, for example, earnestly desire to commit an evil, but cannot, because I put time, place, and opportunity out of your power to do so, you are nevertheless guilty and fully chargeable with the iniquity of the act, for I search and judge the heart. In the same way, if you earnestly desire to be righteous, which at times you fail to perform and commit sin, your desire is credited to you as righteousness, because I take the earnest desire of your heart for the deed. Then, when you confesses your sins, I am faithful and just to forgive your sins, and I am faithful and just to cleanse you of all unrighteousness.

Abba Father…this is surely the blessed life of deep and intimate personal relationship with You: my waiting upon God…watching and waiting, looking off unto You and listening for Your voice…with an unwavering child-like trust and an unreserved child-like dependence, with a joyful expectation and an excited anticipation, for You to reveal Yourself to me ever more deeply and intimately, and Your plans, Your purposes, Your will for me…SO I MAY THEN RESPOND, with an unquestioning child-like obedience, to every leading and prompting of Your Holy Spirit, cooperating with the Power of His enabling grace Who works in me both to will and to do. Blessed Holy Spirit…You are the Divine Nature dwelling in me, Whose Power in me continually guarantees and secures my capability to live my everyday life: faithful to my solemn marriage vows as the bride of Christ; faithfully within the Holy of Holies and the unclouded Presence of my Father in our Sacred Covenant relationship.

My soul, wait thou only upon God! [https://preservechristianfamily.org/2019/05/10/waiting-upon-god/]


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