Last Call: April 24th

Brothers and sisters in Christ…

Here is what the Holy Spirit impressed me with in the early hours of the morning well before dawn.  He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches and to each of their individual members.  

Whom have I in Heaven but You, Father…and Earth has nothing I desire besides You.   Wherever my treasure is, there my heart and thoughts will also be. [Ps 73:25; Mt 6 21]

Really?  Brethren…yesterday was Sunday, the Lord’s day of rest.  This is what our Father asks of each of His children, as I stand face to Face before Him in His Presence to give an account:
“Tell Me, My son/daughter…on what did you spend the precious and priceless time I have allotted to you, and placed you on this Earth for?  On the rich Eternal treasures of the Heavenly realm?  On the things this World had to offer in the physical realm?  On things that have Eternal value and Eternal worth and will never perish, spoil, or fade?  On things that have no Eternal value or worth whatsoever, all of which are going to be burned up and not one will remain?”

“My child…On what do you plan to spend your time on today?  This evening? ” 

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