Oh Lord…place a hedge of thorns around our children. Protect them and keep them safe. Protect them from the people of this world who would influence them away from You. Keep them safe from the things of this world that would draw them away from You. As parents and grandparents, we affirm our determined resolve: We will not allow our children to be morally and spiritually abused!

Our children are under Satanic attack! June 26, 2015 marks that infamous day when our once great Christian Nation officially became Post-Christian America. That evening the White House…once the symbol of a great and respected Christian Nation…draped itself in rainbow colors, openly displaying itself before God and the entire World as the House of Shame. Our Nation’s Supreme Court, in their arrogance and pride, acted with brazen presumption to overrule the Supreme Being by redefining marriage, in their self-proclaimed “supreme authority” on what constitutes marriage and the family, to include same-sex couples. This unconstitutional decision has provided the framework for…and has legitimized what long before had already been set in motion…a relentless LGBT agenda purposing the ultimate destruction of the fundamental character of both marriage and the family unit, and of sexual orientation determined by a person’s God-ordained physical gender at birth. Our Nation’s Government, through their Public School system, is determined to brainwash, indoctrinate, and poison our children with LGBT concepts and behavior that our God has labeled morally and spiritually perverse and an abomination in His sight!

Most Christians…parents, leaders, and pastors alike…have a general sense that things are not right in our Public School system, but have absolutely no idea of the depth of the evil and the depravity that is being methodically introduced and implemented in K-12 school curriculums across our Nation. You have no idea!…read my article on this website entitled Children Under Siege: https://preservechristianfamily.org/2016/12/01/254 …because there is a very determined effort on the part of School Boards to do this covertly and to keep parents in the dark. There is an article just posted on January 12th by the pro-family organization Mass Resistance entitled: Colorado district leads middle school students to sexually depraved material and X-rated pornography. They have documented a sample of what parents found on their children’s middle school website. This extremely graphic and sexually explicit material is simply hard-core pornography! It is almost mind-numbing; it literally makes people sick with disgust to view it! Even worse… children were given one password to this website, and their parents were given a different password where this material has been omitted! Here is a link to that article:
My brothers and sisters in Christ…if this doesn’t stir up outrage in you for how our children are being morally and spiritually raped through the Public School system, and ignite a determined resolve to protect your children, nothing will! Pardon the graphic language, but it is the most accurate word to describe what is actually happening, as you will clearly see in that article.

“Our kids are being inundated by evil,” says Dr. James Dobson [founder of Focus on the Family], “and what have we done about it? We have stood around and watched it happen.” We can no longer remain careless, complacent, and indifferent toward the relentless and rapidly escalating deterioration of our society’s moral and spiritual fabric. We need to remove our children from this evil environment that purposes to destroy them morally and spiritually, until we can effectively remove this evil environment from our Public Schools…if ever. There is an urgent necessity to pull our children out of the Public School system, and enroll them in a local Christian school, Christian Distance Learning Academy, or Christian homeschool program!

The thought of homeschooling can seem overwhelming and very intimidating to a family. For many families already under financial stress, it seems out of the question. There are single parent homes in which the parent is necessarily working. There are families where it is necessary for both parents to work. My brothers and sisters in Christ, let me assure you…the literal truth of the matter is that two children can be enrolled as full time students in an accredited Christian Distance Learning Academy [K-12] for the same money that an adult spends to smoke one pack of cigarettes per day! Nine children can be enrolled in a high quality Christian homeschool program for that same cost of one pack of cigarettes per day! Even though you have three school-age children and your family is under severe financial stress, living on food stamps…couldn’t you find $1.75 per day to put your 3 children through a high quality homeschool program? Would 58 cents a day per child be too much to pay to insulate each of your children from the determined efforts of our Nation’s Government to morally and spiritually poison them through their Public School system? I am going to present to you in this article several specific Christian Distance Learning Academies and quality Christian homeschool programs that will accomplish this for your family.

A second seemingly overwhelming concern stems from the misconception of the time necessary to home school your children. In families where a single parent is working, or families where both parents are working, it does not seem like it would be possible. Yet in both Homeschool programs and in Christian Distance Learning Academies, teaching and 85% of the grading is available and done by the school or the program itself, with record keeping and report cards being provided by the school or the program as well. A family need only provide an adult supervisor for their children during the home school day… whether a relative, or perhaps a church homeschooling family that would be willing to include your child/children along with theirs. I am sure your Pastor would be able to help you with this. When you are home with your children, you needn’t do much more than what you as a diligent parent are already doing…reviewing their homework and helping them with difficulties they may be having.

In families where there is a parent at home, the prospect of homeschooling presents a major change in lifestyle. Sending your children off to school every day provides a parent with 6-7 hours of “free time” to do whatever other things they desire to do. It is so convenient…like having a free day care center where your child is also being schooled by professional teachers, from kindergarten through 12th grade. But things have changed, and public school is no longer what it used to be. Schools have become indoctrination centers, where children are being brainwashed and poisoned with LGBT concepts and behavior that are morally and spiritually disgusting, repulsive, and filthy…perverse and an abomination in the sight of our God! A continually increasing number of School Boards and Administrators Nationwide are covertly adopting this new, radical and graphic LGBT-laced “comprehensive sexuality” curriculum in grades K-12, and have a determined agenda to keep parents in the dark concerning what their children are being taught. Even worse…they will intentionally lie about, misrepresent, and cover-up the true nature of their agenda in order to “assure” parents that everything is just fine, and that they have their children at heart. Whenever a parent begins to see through this facade and confront them, they resort to frustrating parents concerns by ignoring them and then, when that doesn’t work, angrily intimidating and bullying them into silence and submission [read link to pro-family Mass Resistance article:

Having become aware of this unconscionable assault against children, wouldn’t you unquestioningly trade your “convenience” in order to gather your children under your wings to protect them from those in the Public School system who would be moral and spiritual “child molesters?”  Wouldn’t you wholeheartedly refuse to send your child off into an evil environment where they are subject to being taught concepts and behavior that violate the Biblical moral and spiritual precepts that our God has set before us?  It does not matter whether or not there is a formal LGBT curriculum in place; children have many spontaneous teachable moments during the day, during which time teachers and administrators supportive of the LGBT ideology use as an opportunity to brainwash, indoctrinate, and poison their minds.  Why would you want your child to be under the influence of those teachers and administrators who openly and unashamedly live a lifestyle that God calls perverse and an abomination in His sight, and where there are many others who openly accept and encourage LGBT concepts and behavior?  Wouldn’t you stand steadfast and immovable with Christ in a determined resolve: I will NOT allow my child to be morally and spiritually abused!

A third concern would be the feeling of not being qualified to help, or teach, your child. Yet in many Homeschool programs and in Distance Learning Academies, teaching is done primarily by the school or the program itself, comprehensive parent guides are provided, and there is the added capability of contacting a teacher who would then be able to address your child’s difficulty where you are not able to do so. In the event there are no program teachers available, there is plenty of volunteer help available from church members, local college students, and on-line homeschool support groups.

In a Christian Distance Learning Academy, your child works from home, is taught by the Academy’s Master teachers [on-line or DVD], and the record-keeping, as well as most of the grading, is done by the school. The parent [or designated adult] simply provides the usual supervision necessary when your children are at home. In a homeschool program, your child works at home, is taught by the curriculum’s on-line program [a combination of on-line and textbooks for grades K-2], with all of the record-keeping and most of the grading done by the program. In grades K-2, it will be necessary for the parent to do more of the grading and record keeping, and be more involved in the teaching whenever textbooks are the curriculum platform. Again…the parent [or designated adult] provides the usual supervision necessary when your children are at home.

There are a number of good Christian Distance Learning Academies available, and a multitude of Christian homeschool curriculums. It can seem quite overwhelming! Even more…for literally every homeschooling parent you approach [personally or on-line] for their opinion, advice, and direction…you will get different, even conflicting answers! It will only serve to add to your confusion and give you the feeling of being hopelessly overwhelmed! Therefore, I strongly recommend NOT going that route in the beginning. Keep in mind that the public school did not offer you a selection of various teaching and learning styles…so don’t get caught up in an endless and mind-numbing array of these considerations in choosing a homeschooling program. What is important is getting your children out of the Public School system as your first priority. The programs I am going to suggest are Christ centered, high quality and top-rated, easy to use for both child and parent, and affordable. After you have gained personal experience in using one of these programs, you will be better able to assess the opinion of other homeschooling parents should you feel that becomes necessary or desirable to do so. I can assure you that you will not be making a mistake to begin with any one of the program recommendations outlined in the dropbox link below; they are the result of MANY hours of inquiry and evaluation. Please also keep in mind that our Nation’s Public School system does not rank very high Globally…somewhere around 23rd worldwide. Your children will progress academically way ahead in any of these homeschool programs being presented.

The following link will take you to a detailed presentation of two Accredited Christian Distance Learning Academy recommendations, and a high quality cost effective combination of several carefully selected Christian homeschool curriculum programs:



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