July 26

My beloved child…you were dead in your sins, and still in the grip of your sin-enslaved human nature.  Then I gave you new life together with My Divine Son Jesus, for I forgave all your sins, and canceled the charges proved against you, the record of My commandments which you had not obeyed.  I took this list of your sins and forever set it aside by nailing it to Christ My Son’s cross. [Father God…Col 2:9-15]

Blessed Jesus…for all those years leading up to that momentous day October 17, 1981, I lay in the gutter of sin, wallowing in its muck and mire, utterly destitute, hopeless and helpless, without hope and without God.  On that wonderful day, You reached out Your nail-pierced hand to me, and with eyes of compassion, invited me, saying, My child…come with Me.  I have prepared a place for You in My Father’s House.  The moment I reached up and took hold of Your hand, You drew me to Your Bosom and embraced me. You removed the filthy rags of sin that clothed me, and immersed my body and my soul in Your Precious and Priceless Blood…to soak there in Your Blood.  You soaked away all the filth that was caked up on my soul…all the sin, all the wretchedness, all the degradation.  You bathed my body and my soul in Your Own Blood…washed me, cleansed me, and made me clean.  Then You dressed me in the white robes of Your Own Righteousness, and presented me before the Father.  As I stood there before the Father…washed in the Blood of the Lamb, dressed in the white robes of Your Own Righteousness, pure and holy now in His sight, without spot or wrinkle or blemish, accepted now in the Beloved…I made a solemn vow before God in giving myself to be Your bride…the bride of Christ, receiving You, Blessed Jesus, into my life in divine marriage, promising to honor and obey You as both Lord over my life and Savior of my soul [https://preservechristianfamily.org/2019/01/21/bride-of-christ/].  At that moment, I was born-again of the Spirit, joined inseparably together with You in an eternal living union of oneness…an entirely and uniquely new creation!  I am no longer the same person I formerly were…my previous moral and spiritual condition has passed away.  Behold, a fresh, new life has begun!  And I heard, with ecstatic wonder, the Father say, My child…this day I have adopted you into My Family.  You are now and forevermore My child, and I am your Father and your God.

Abba Father…thank You for Personally taking me by the hand and leading me into Your inner circle…the Holy of Holies.  Although I am just on the inner fringe…and everyone else in Your inner circle is so much closer to you I can barely make them out with my naked eye; and still others so much closer than that, I can barely make them out with a pair of binoculars…my heart is very content!  Over these now 38 years I continually meet with You in our trysting place in those early hours of the morning well before daybreak, just to be alone together with You to commune.  You have shown me many of the rich eternal treasures of the spiritual realm hidden from those who don’t make time to linger in Your Presence, just sitting at Your feet.  You have seated me at Your banqueting table… and even though I am in the last seat, and everyone else is seated so much closer to You, my heart is very content!  I am eternally grateful, because I realize I do not deserve to be here; I have done nothing to earn being here; there is nothing about me that warrants or merits my being here; I am not worthy to be here.  I am here solely and only because of Your boundless Mercy, Your infinite Grace, Your Unconditional Love.  You gave Your Divine Son Jesus to become the sacrificial Lamb of God, Who came into this world to become the One only all-sufficient atoning sacrifice through His death on a cross and subsequent resurrection, thereby securing forgiveness of my sins and restoring my relationship with God that had been severed by sin.  And then You dressed me in the appropriate wedding garment…the white robes of His Own Righteousness, enabling me to be worthy to be seated here at Your banqueting table!  Hallelujah!

Hallelujah, praise the Lamb:

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