September 28

My beloved child, listen to the exhortation of My Divine Son Jesus: “If anyone would come after Me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow Me.  For whoever wants to save his life for himself and his own interests will lose it, but whoever loses his self-life for My sake will save it.  Anyone who does not carry his cross and follow Me cannot be My disciple.” [Jesus…Luke 9:23-24; 14:27]

**        **, greatly beloved…I created Humankind for Myself, Divinely crafted in My Own image and likeness, with the capability and capacity of having a deep and intimate personal relationship with Me…to be joined together with the Triune God in a Sacred Covenant relationship, a living union of oneness.  This sets you apart from every other created being.

Abba Father…I realize that You created mankind with a free will…free to choose to enter into this Sacred Covenant relationship with You, embracing Your Eternal Purpose for creating me.  And free to choose to reject or ignore this relationship and Your Eternal Purpose…to do whatever I want, whatever I desire; free to go my own way, to do my own thing; free to pursue my own goals, my own desires, my own purposes; free to spend my time on whatsoever I will.  As my Creator, You laid aside Your Sovereignty to determine the course of my life, and gave me absolute sovereignty to determine the course of my own life.

Therefore, Father…I understand.  The only act of worship on my part that is acceptable to You, that is pleasing to You…which must be first of all before any other worship or sacrificial offering…is to take the free will You have given me and freely, of my own free will, lay it on the altar of sacrifice in absolute surrender, and say from my heart, “Not my will, but Thy will be done.”  Apart from that, I cannot truly worship You…I can not worship You in Spirit and in truth.  Giving my free will back to God is the only thing I can give You, Father, that You don’t already have…because You had freely given it to me in the first place in Creation.

Blessed Holy Spirit…I freely lay my life on the altar of sacrifice, giving You free reign over the course and direction of my life on Earth.  I surrender my free will to be anywhere, other than where You Personally place me to be.  I surrender my free will to go anywhere, other than where You Personally lead me to go.  I surrender my free will to do anything, other than what You Personally show me to do to participate with You in Your work.  I surrender my free will to present any thoughts and speak or write any words, other than what thoughts and words You Personally give me to present, speak, or write. Just like my blessed Lord Jesus…I only do what my Father shows me to do; I only speak the words my Father gives me to speak.

As such, I am to be wholly surrendered unto God, wholly given for the blessing and salvation of souls.  Lord…none of my possessions belong to me; they all belong to You. You are free to do what You will with them, for all that I have has come from You; You are free to give and free to take away.  I have no plans of my own; whatever plans I may have are all subject to Your plans, purposes, and will for me.  I am here to do Your will, O Lord.  I no longer have any privileges here in this world, because I am no longer a citizen here; You have transferred me out of the kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of Light.  All of my privileges are at my home in Heaven, where I am a citizen.  There I am privileged to walk the streets of gold, and eat those immortal fruits that grow along the river flowing from the Throne.  I have no expectations from the people of this world…nothing I expect of them to be or to do, for they continually fail to meet my expectations.  All of my expectations are from You, Lord…You have never failed me, and You never will.  I have no rights here on Earth, because I am not a citizen here; I am a resident alien.  Since I have no rights here, there is nothing that anyone can violate.  All of my rights are as a citizen of Heaven, and those rights will never be violated.  I have no honor here among the people of this world, for anything I have done that is worthy of honor was not done by me, but rather by You working through me, with me, and in me. Therefore, all the glory belongs to You alone.  All of the time I have been allotted here on Earth belongs to You; I have no time of my own.  You are free to use my time here as You will.  I have no desires of my heart for anything this world has to offer; I have only one desire, “I desire to do Your will, O Lord, and to finish the work You have given me to do.”  I have no purposes of my own for my life, no goals that I cling to.  My only purpose for life is to do the good works that You Yourself have planned in advance for me to do.  I have no affections for the people of this world, or for anything this world has to offer, that competes with my affection for You.  My sweetest, most tender affections are reserved for You alone.  I have no attractions to the people of this world, or to anything this world has to offer, that competes with my attraction to You.  You alone are the choicest, most precious treasure of my heart.  All of my motives for doing things, my attitude in doing them, and my disposition while doing them, is intended to bring glory to You; enable me, Lord, to have godly motives, a good attitude, and a sweet disposition in all that I do.

Friends, brothers and sisters…

There is one absolutely necessary preparation for every living soul on the face of this Earth, for the soon coming and imminent return of Jesus Christ…the one preparation that will irrevocably determine in which neighborhood you will spend all eternity, whether in Heaven or in Hell.  You must be a born-again child of God.  I tell you the truth, unless one is born again, he cannot be in God’s Kingdom.  I tell you the truth, no one can ever enter the Kingdom of God unless he is born of water and the Spirit.  Flesh gives birth to flesh, but the Spirit gives birth to spirit.  You should not be surprised at My saying you must be born again. [Jesus…John 3:3-7]

If you have never been born again,
or you are not sure whether you have been born again,
or you have been living your life as a lukewarm Christian and would now like to recommit your life and enter into a deep and intimate relationship with Christ Jesus in preparation for the soon coming marriage supper of the Lamb…
then I counsel you to get alone with God, read the solemn marriage vows you must make to become the bride of Christ and thereby be born-again, [], and with sincerity of heart from within the depths of your being, acknowledge before God, “I DO.”

Alas! And Did My Savior Bleed?

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