Behold, the eye of the LORD is upon them that fear Him…that behold Him with an awe-filled regard and with the utmost reverence and respect in His Majesty and Glory and Power…upon them who wait for Him and hope in His mercy and unfailing love; to deliver my soul from death, and to keep me alive in famine. My soul waiteth for my LORD: He is my help and my shield. For my heart shall rejoice in Him, because I have trusted in His Holy Name. Let Your mercy and unfailing love, O LORD, be upon me, according as I wait upon and put my hope in You. [Ps 33:18-22]

My beloved child…My eye is upon My children; you are the apple of My eye. Keep your eyes fixed upon Me. In waiting upon God, your eye, looking up to Me, meets My eye looking down upon you. This is the blessedness of your waiting upon God…it takes your eyes and thoughts away from yourself, even your needs and desires, and occupies yourself with your God. The deeper you bow before My Holiness in holy fear and adoring awe, in deep reverence and humble self-abasement, even as the angels veil their faces before the Throne, the more will My Holiness rest upon you, and your soul be filled to have Me, your God and Father, reveal Myself to you. The lower you bow…the deeper you feel you have nothing to hope in but My mercy and unfailing love…the nearer I will come and make your heart bold to trust in Me with an unwavering child-like trust. The deeper you enter into the truth “that no flesh glory in His Presence,” will it be given you to see My Glory and make your heart bold to trust Me. You need only just let your whole habit of waiting upon God be pervaded by abounding hope…a hope as bright and boundless as God’s mercy. My Fatherly kindness is such that, in whatever state you come to Me, you may confidently hope in My mercy and unfailing love. You need only think of your God, in all of My Majesty and Glory and Power, upon Whom you wait: “to deliver my soul from death, and to keep me alive in famine. My soul waiteth for the LORD: He is my help and my shield. For my heart shall rejoice in Him, because I have trusted in His Holy Name.

**        **, sometimes I do not prevent the many pressures, trials and afflictions that trouble and weary a human soul. This is oftentimes needed to stir you up to wait upon Me. But I deliver you and safeguard your life. For the dangers are often very real and dark; the situation, whether in the temporal or spiritual life, may appear to be utterly hopeless. There is always one sure hope you can embrace: God’s eye is upon you. My eye is on even the sparrow…and so you can know with certainty I’m watching over you. Are you not much more valuable than they? My eye sees the danger, and sees in tender love My trembling waiting child, and sees the moment when your heart is ripe for the blessing, and sees the way in which it is to come. You need only just humbly but boldly say, “My soul waiteth for my LORD: He is my help and my shield; a very present help in every time of trouble, a shield and defense against every danger!Beloved child of God! Will you not learn to sink down in entire hopeless helplessness and impotence, and in stillness to wait and see the salvation of God? In the utmost spiritual famine, and when danger appears to prevail…oh, wait upon God! I do deliver, I do keep watch over you, protect you, and keep you safe. Nothing can touch your life unless I allow it to do so. I am your help and your shield! You will most assuredly be glad, most assuredly rejoice in My salvation!

Beloved…you are My child, in whom I am well-pleased. I love you with a fathomless love; you are the apple of My eye. I take great pleasure in you. Abide with Me in the shelter of the Most High…here in the Holiest of All, in My unclouded Presence within the Heavenly Sanctuary…where you will find your home and resting place in the shadow of the Almighty, sheltered in My loving arms. I am your Refuge and your Fortress, your God and Father, in Whom you may have an unwavering child-like trust and in Whom you may continually be at rest in an unruffled child-like rest…in My loving arms,
**        **, where all is peaceful and calm, all is tranquil and unruffled.

Abba Father…most assuredly, You deliver me from the hidden traps and from deadly hazards. You cover me with Your pinions, and under Your wings I abide with You in an unwavering child-like trust, and find refuge. I am safe in Your care; Your truth and Your faithfulness protect and defend me. I need not be afraid of any terror of the night, nor the sudden evil attacks of the enemy during the day, nor of any dreaded diseases that stalk in darkness, nor of the destruction and sudden death of disasters that surprise and lay waste at noonday. A thousand may fall at my side, Father, and ten thousand at my right hand…but these evils will not touch me. Safe and secure in the secret place of the Most High, I will be only a spectator as I witness the recompense of the wicked! Because I have made You my refuge, Father, and the Most High my dwelling place…no evil shall befall me, nor any plague or calamity come near my dwelling place. For You give Your angels special charge over me, to accompany, defend, and preserve me in all my ways of obedience and service. They steady me with their hands, and keep me from stumbling against the rocks on the pathway. I can safely meet a lion or step on poisonous snakes; I will walk unharmed among them…yes, even trample them beneath my feet! Because I have set my love upon You, Father, therefore will You deliver me. You set me on high, because I know and understand Your Name through our deep and intimate Sacred Covenant relationship…knowing You will never, never leave me…You will never, ever forsake me…assuredly not! I shall call upon You, and You will indeed answer me. You will be with me in trouble, yes…You will deliver me and honor me. You will most assuredly satisfy me with long life and show me Your salvation. Hallelujah! [Ps 91:3-16]

Your steadfast Love for me, Father, is better than life; my lips continually proclaim Your Glory! My lips shout for joy as I sing praises to You…I, whom You have redeemed! You turned my wailing to dancing! You removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy…that my heart may sing to You and not be silent! O Lord my God, I will give You thanks forever and ever, throughout the eternal ages! I will praise You as long as I have life, and in honor to Your Name, I lift my hands and worship You! Every day I will bless You and adore You, Precious Lord; yes, I will praise Your wonderful Name forever and ever! O Lord, open my lips, and my mouth will declare Your praises; with singing lips my mouth overflows with Your praises! I will open my mouth and offer up unto You a sacrifice of praise, the fruit of my lips, worshiping You for Who You are…the One True Living God; praising You for all You have done for the souls of Man down through the ages; gratefully acknowledging, with a heart of thanksgiving, all You have Personally done for me. My soul shall forever be satisfied, as with the richest of foods! I feast on the abundance of Your house, Lord; You give me drink from Your River of delights!

Blessed Jesus…because You are my help, I sing in the shadow of Your wings! You cover me with Your feathers, and under Your wings I find refuge; Your faithfulness, O Lord, is my Shield and my Protector! My flesh and my heart may fail…often do…but You are the strength of my heart and my portion forever! My soul clings to You; Your right hand upholds me. Let the morning bring me word of Your unfailing Love, for You are my Refuge and my Fortress…my God, in whom I trust! For have You not promised?…I will never, never, leave you; I will never, ever, forsake you! Assuredly not! O Lord, You are my Help; of whom shall I be afraid? What can man do to me? Who, or what, shall ever be able to separate me from Your Love, precious Lord? Shall trouble or persecution, or hardship, famine, nakedness, danger or sword? No…in all these things I am more than a conqueror through You, Lord…the One who loves me! For I am persuaded, beyond the shadow of any doubt, that neither death, nor life; nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers; nor things present, nor things to come; nor height, nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, shall ever be able to separate me from the Love of God my Father, which flows unceasingly through You, Precious Lord…my Redeemer and my King!

Abba Father…Here am I, Your child. I’ve come running to You, with a reckless abandon, and rest my weary head against Your bosom…as You embrace me, kiss me, and hold me close to Your bosom, reassuring me so lovingly, so tenderly, so affectionately…

**          **, I love you. You are My child, and I am your Father and your God. I take great pleasure in you; you’re the apple of My eye. So be comforted and be reassured of My unfailing love for you. Have you never understood, My child? I have loved you with an everlasting Love: I knew you by name, in eternity past, before I created the world, and My love for you is unconditional. My Love for you is unfailing, unchanging, and unending. It will never perish or spoil or fade. If only you would know in the depths of your soul, if only you would just fully embrace, the greatness of My love I have lavished upon you…that you are named as My Own child! I rejoice over you with singing. My heart delights in you, and I long to fill you with all My fullness…with all the fullness of God. I long to pour all of My Blessedness and all of My Goodness into you, to have this intimate fellowship with you that we have, and to become ever more one with you, just as We are One with One Another in Our Blessed Holy Trinity. You are a good and faithful child, **          **, and I am well-pleased with you…not because you are without sins and failures, without mistakes and imperfections. No, beloved, I know you are but a child…laden with sins and failures, laden with mistakes and imperfections. Even so, you are a good and faithful child in My sight and I am well-pleased with you…because you have set your heart to trust in Me with an unwavering trust; you have set your heart to depend upon Me with an unreserved child-like dependence; you have set your heart to obey My will, and to accept My will, with an unquestioning child-like obedience. These are the things that define you as a good and faithful child, and make you to be well-pleasing to Me. Don’t you yet understand? A child melts his/her Father’s heart…you melt My heart…when you just come to Me and rest your weary head against My bosom. That melts a Father’s heart, because it is a child’s way of expressing absolute trust, absolute dependence, unquestioning obedience. It is all that a Father would ever need, or want, or desire of His child.

And so, My beloved child…drift off to sleep here in My arms in an unruffled child-like rest. Abide here with Me with an unclouded child-like carefree joy. Don’t you worry, don’t you fret. Don’t be anxious or afraid. Trust in Me with all your heart, and don’t lean on your own wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. Watch for Me and wait before Me; look off unto Me and listen for My voice. Acknowledge Me in this way, and I will lead you and guide you by My Holy Spirit. He will place you where you are to be, lead you where you are to go, show you what you are to do to participate in My plans, My purposes, My will for you. He will give you the thoughts you are to think and to present, the words you are to speak or to write. He will direct your paths…if you would only trust your heart to Me. I will watch over that heart of yours and keep it safe, if only you would just trust Me with it. So don’t be disappointed, don’t be discouraged; don’t be disheartened or disillusioned. Don’t be downcast, down-trodden, distraught, dismayed, or distressed. Don’t lament over the past, or be anguished about the present, or agonize over the future. You needn’t be angry, upset, frustrated, irritated, or annoyed. And don’t become impatient, or grow weary of waiting. I know the plans I have for you…plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future. You are My workmanship, created in Christ Jesus My Son to do good works…works that I Myself have planned in advance for you to do. Every day of your life was recorded in My book before you were born…before you ever began to breathe. So be still, and know that I AM your Father and your God. My beloved child…just call upon Me, and I will answer you; I will be with you in trouble, I will deliver you and honor you. With long life will I satisfy you and show you My salvation.

Abba Father…my soul glorifies You; my spirit rejoices in my Father and my God!  I am Your child, now and forever; may it be unto me according to all You have planned for me!  This is surely the blessed life of deep and intimate personal relationship with You: my waiting upon God…watching and waiting, looking off unto You and listening for Your voice…with an unwavering child-like trust and an unreserved child-like dependence, with a joyful expectation and an excited anticipation, for You to reveal Yourself to me ever more deeply and intimately, and Your plans, Your purposes, Your will for me…SO I MAY THEN RESPOND, with an unquestioning child-like obedience, to every leading and prompting of Your Holy Spirit, cooperating with the Power of His enabling grace Who works in me both to will and to do.

My soul, wait thou only upon God! []


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